An Email from Johnny to Randy

Randy forwarded this email from Johnny Robertson, and wanted it posted on the blog: 

Johnny says:

We are not looking for anyone who does not grade on facts. Randy what you all can’t see is that we do not work on the same assumptions as you. We believe that God will work with just a few honest, faith filled people. I have folks writing to me asking how I keep going with all the folks trying to knock us down. My response is two fold. Most people do not know the great things that I enjoy. The brethren who work with me are seeing great success as result of the work we do here. Brant Stubblefield who came in the summer is about to do a campaign in Dallas and has been able to pull it together as result of the efforts here. No one has ever seen anyone get away with what we do, and they are encouraged to try it themselves.

2nd I know that God is on my side and when that is the case I know what is happening beyond our sight (2Kings 6:15)

That is why I am about to sign papers for yet another property for the church to start meeting in Stoneville NC.I don’t guess your faithful spies told you that?

You may call the program a preacher school if you like, it is for training men 2Tim 2:2. You can call it Johnny’s school if you like. I am the one raising the funds for it and I am the one , with God’s kind hand ever so near, who is the push to get it going.

To those who are on your blog, I hope that they are getting something from their effort, because it is an absolute flattery for us that you all have dedicated this site to us.To those who examine us I say thistry to find something on me besides my past. Bringing up my past just demonstrates the way denominations are. They say they are “forgiving and loving” but oh well you can finish the rest.

My supporters are convinced more than ever that we are getting to the folks around here when the blog appeared.


3 thoughts on “An Email from Johnny to Randy

  1. I believe that if Johnny didn’t have so much pride he might be able to see the truth. He is going to stick to the tired Campellite doctrines invented by the 19th Century Restoration Movement headed up by the Campbells, Barton Stone and Walter Scott.

    They created doctrines and found scriptures they could twist enough that the unsuspecting would be decieved into believing them.

    They actually didn’t invent most of the doctrines. For example, baptimal regeneration was invented be the Roman Catholic Church centuries before.

    About the claim that the church of christ ( I won’t dignify thse words by using capitals) began on the Day of Pentecost begs the question: if the Church existed, why did these men deem it necessary to restore it? And, if the Church existed in America before the 19th cantury why didn’t these men find it and join with them instead of begining a new church, teachiing doctrines foreign to anyone else?

    Finally, Johny’s show is interestingly called “What Does The Bible Say?” Which is a good title for one who would manipulate the scripture to suit his own theological bend.

    What the Bible says is not always what it means. For example, Romans 3:23 says that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. If that is true, Jesus was a sinner because this scripture says that ALL have sinned. However, we know from other scriptures that Jesus was wthout sin. So, Romans 3:23 means something else. Primarily, that all have sinned except Jesus.

    Acts 2:38 say that the one who is baptizes in Jesus’ name will as a result have their sins remitted and will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    Taken at face value, it would seem that this teaches baptismal regeneration. And if it does, was Jesus lying when he promised that those believing on him would not perish but ha everlasting life (John 3:16)?

    Johny says that John 3:16 is false because there is more to salvation than belief. He teaches that salvation is in steps. only sure if the person is faithful to a list of ridged legalistic codes. What he, and others, are saying is thate cross was necessary, but not enough.

    If the verses that promise those who believe the finished work of the cross (and there are many) are true, then verses like Acts 2:38 mean something else.

    I’ve written far more than I intended. But, I believe the whole of scripture teaches that salvation is what God does for sinners, not what we do for Him or help Him do.

    When I was a teenager, I nearly drowned. My cousin jumped in the pool and saved me. If I could have saved myself, I would have not cried out for help until I went under.

    All we are saying is that God gets all the glory because He does all the saving and we can’t brag a bit (Eph. 2:8-9).


  2. Tommy, I hope you continue posting on this blog and please tell others about this blog as well. Many people think that the Church of Christ are all like the men here on TV, when in fact, they are not. I am an ex-member from one of the Churches of Christ here and am very familar with each of these men and their doctrines. Please let people know that this blog will expose what these men teach and enable them to understand how to address these men. Many people blindly call in to these guys shows, not knowing what they teach and believe, nor understanding how these men arrive at what they believe.

  3. I totally agree with what you just wrote.

    What bothers me is that when people call in and obviously don’t know anything about doctrine and say what a blessing they are. Or worse, call them “brother.” They surely don’t think of their callers “brothers.”

    My message for the community at large is this: Don’t be deceived, there will be people who will come to your door, stop you on the street or appear on your television and will bring a different Jesus, a different spirit and a different gospel. The Lord said so.


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