Way to go, Woodland Hills Church of Christ!

ABINGDON, Va. – All she wanted was a simple oil change – $30, max.

But, as usual, when Karen Shearer went to get one, she was told there was $400 worth of work that needed to be done to her car, she said, emphasizing the word “needed” as if she doubted the veracity of the mechanic’s recommendation.

“I said ‘No way’ and pulled straight outta there,” Shearer said Saturday, while her oil was getting changed – in a church parking lot – for free. “The guy who looked at it a minute ago said it was just some dents in the oil pan. Nothing to worry about.”

The same story was told over and over Saturday morning by those who waiting for service at a makeshift mechanic shop in the parking lot of Woodland Hills Church of Christ. The temporary shop was set up for the church’s innovative new outreach effort: free car care and maintenance for the needy. For Faye Hill, the free oil change was serendipitous. Hill saw the church announcement in the newspaper about two hours after the red glow of the “check oil” light on her dash blinked to life.

Read more here.
Story by Amy Hunter, pic by Andre Teague.


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