I am a part of the community in Martinsville/Henry County, and I’ve spent many hours watching our local Church of Christ on-air-personalities telling everyone that they are bound for hell if they aren’t a part of their assemblies. They are very good at what they do, and they know their interpretations of the Bible very well. To be honest, it makes very little sense to try and join their on-air conversations if you aren’t well versed in their theology.

Therefore, since I’m not too quick on the draw in verbal confrontation, I decided to start this blog as a way to debate the issues they raise. Anyone is welcome to join in, but remember that we all profess to follow Jesus, and need to treat each other with respect. At the very least, Jesus told us to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44), so let’s act that way.

My main purpose is to explore the things they say and how they say it, but I also from time to time come across someone (usually outside this community) who calls themselves Church of Christ, but who has a theology that resonates with me. I’ll link up to those folks, too, on occasion.


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  1. I appreciate your willingness to discuss Scripture on your blog. However, there’s one thing with which I’m having trouble: The title of this blog is “Answering the Church of Christ,” as if all churches of Christ could be lumped together as believing and practicing the same thing. Fifty years ago, perhaps, one might have found that kind of total uniformity in “belief and practice,” but today that is not the case. As I’m sure you know, the “churches of Christ” do not have a denominational headquarters, “head preacher”/pope/president figure, or even a national publication. Each congregation is autonomous and responsible to God for its beliefs and practices.

    I identify with many of the things said on “A Word from the Lord” (I’m from West Texas, though, and haven’t actually seen it, I’ve just perused your site and his). However, it’s wrong and unfair to “answer” the “church of Christ” when you’re really answering “A Word from the Lord” and Mr. James Oldfield.

    As you may have noticed, I don’t capitalize the “church” in “church(es) of Christ,” that’s because in my understanding the church is people, and people, when compared to God (Jesus and the Spirit included, of course), don’t even grasp at the same glory or honor of God and should not be honored in the same way as Divinity. The emphasis is on Christ; His church must follow His lead to be conformed into His likeness (cf. Romans 8:28f).

    Bottom line, just like it wouldn’t be fair to start a blog entitled “Answering Presbyteriany Jesus-followers” to discuss your beliefs (because yours are not authoritatively-representative of all Presbyteriany Jesus-followers, I assume), nor is it fair to challenge the “churches of Christ” in a blog so entitled. If I was to discuss your teaching in a blog, I’d call it “Answering [Your Name Here].”

    [ As a side note, I wouldn’t have a problem with a blog called “Answering Roman Catholicism” because they do have a standard authority, the Pope and Church Tradition. However, the modern “churches of Christ,” like the church of the Bible, is autonomous and has no authority higher than a local eldership. Most denominations would be similarly “answerable” because they, too, have headquarters and “official” doctrines, positions, activities, etc., which identify who they are in the ecclesiastical world. ]


  2. Hi Levi,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! You are correct, that it would be more appropriate to call it “answeringthelocalguyswhohaveatvshowfromthechurchofchrist.wordpress.com”,
    but you can see the problems with a title like that.

    See, there are three separate hosts, with three separate programs, who all teach the same thing, and so they are the ones I am addressing.

    That’s one of the interesting things I’ve uncovered here, that there are multitudes of “churches of Christ”, and they don’t all teach the same things. That’s why I mentioned in my “about” posting that I am talking specifically about our local TV hosts, and addressing the issues they teach. However, if I touch an issue that someone else teaches, I’ll be happy to discuss it with them.

    So, Levi, you are more than welcome to comment on the things that we discuss, even though you are from a completely different place.


  3. Hello, I had a friend of mine tell me about the shows the “Church of Christ” have on every week. I watched 2 of them this past week and found them completely sickening. I wrote an article that basically proves they do not follow biblical doctrine alone and wanted to post it on your site but I do not see any way to post anything. I am new to “blogs” so don’t know much about the blog thing yet. If you could send me your email address I could send you the article and you could post it for me if possible?
    Thanks and GOD bless, Ken Elliott jr

    PS.. On a side note, I don’t know if you realize this or not but your life story is just like Luke Skywalker’s. What a coincidence right! I mean really, that’s just freaky! I guess as long as you never kiss your twin sister you should be ok though. 8)

  4. Ken,

    Glad to have you on board. You can send your article to “replycofc@yahoo.com” and I’ll be glad to take a look and probably post it.

    By the way, the whole “Luke Skywalker” thing is a sore subject with me. Darned George Lucas NEVER paid me for the rights to my story. One day he’ll get his…

    Like I said, glad to have you on board. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts!


    Sola Dei Gloria!

  5. Hi, I’ve posted on your blog already and I’ve watched your masterwork over at the topix site so I thought I’d introduce myself, if I may.
    I’m a secretary and women’s ministry director at a Southern Baptist church in Oregon. I wasn’t raised Southern Baptist, I was raised Christian. What I mean is that my parents taught me from the Bible but they rarely went to church (they would send us to Sunday school though.)
    I have, in the last couple of years, become very involved in the church. I have concentrated on my own personal growth as a Christian, and in my relationship with the Lord. A couple weeks ago I decided to start my own blog. I want to use it as an evangelizing tool. To research what makes one’s blog interesting, I just started reading other people’s blogs. Somehow I stumbled across the DivineRelections blog that was discussing Instrumental Music. Now, I had never heard of the churches of Christ (I guess they’re not that big in Oregon) but as I watched the conversation unfold over at that blog, I became very curious about this particular sect of Christians. You see everything they teach runs contrary to what I have always believe the Bible was saying.

    Anyway, that’s me, and that’s how I ended up here (seems like such a strange place to be for a Baptist)

    I’ve checked out some Baptist blogs since but they’re not as fun as the churches of Christ – they’re not as argumentative.
    Sorry, I don’t mean to make light of a serious issue but I love to debate.

    I may post again, if that’s ok, or I may move on to the next thing. In the meantime – God bless!

  6. Hi Pamela!

    Glad to have you as a visitor to the blog. I hope that you’ll enter the fray again over at topix when you feel the leading.

    The interesting thing about folks like Shawn and Nova is that the more you talk to them, the less you let them get under your skin (especially Shawn – Nova’s pretty tame in comparison – although I still have suspicions that they are the same person), the more you find many of their grand pronouncements to be just as subjective as any group who say they’ve got hold the exclusive liscence on Truth. They are right about some things, but when they are wrong, they’re really wrong.

    Just remember the “dirty tactics” list when you debate with them, and you’ll be fine.

    I prayed for Shawn today, by the way.


  7. Hi Matt!

    Sorry, I don’t visit this page often, and so I didn’t respond yet to your message. You guys are doing a great job over at “churchesofchrist.wordpress.com”. Great issues, you have been raising!


  8. Thanks Nathan. Sometimes it can be crazy, but you already know that. 🙂

    Pamela, what is the site URL for your blog. Would love to visit it if you don’t mind.

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