Okay, it doesn’t really have anything to do with our subject matter here, but I found this link that made me chuckle, as someone is participating in “scambaiting” and claiming to be a former leader in the “1st Church of Christ the Heavenly Prince of All That is Sacred and Holy in Ramapo, New Jersey.”

I love scambaiters.  They live on the edge.  I did it once when I was bored, and it was rather fun.


2 thoughts on “Scambaiting

  1. Man when I read this I thought it was originally on using your kid as bait as a camera operator in the hopes of provoking the people in the church you are trying to destroy. That way when they take the item they had banned you could threaten to seek legal action against them so they would be blackmailed into allowing you into the facility!

    Sort of like using kids to carry drugs, you limit the exposure if it comes back on you as an adult since they will not do much time for the event.

    Yes the CoC did this very thing this week I believe according to the TV gossip show I was watching, no wait it was about the Bible I think! 😉

  2. walkinlove, I saw only a little bit of that. The kid looked drugged or brainwashed or something: he had a really glazed look in his eyes, like he didn’t know what was really going on.

    As far as scambating goes, here’s a friend of mine who’s a real master of the art:

    lowbridge scambaits Gloria (makes her use her shoe for a phone)

    lowbridge scambaits Franklin Dube (cons an entire soccer team into… well, you’ll see)

    lowbridge scambaits Rita (a triumph of comic genius)

    Enjoy! 🙂

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