The Love of Christ Shines Through

A couple of months ago, we reported here that Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman’s young adopted daughter had been killed in a tragic accident in Chapman’s driveway.  

Today, I was browsing the internet and came across a story that told about Chapman starting to perform again.  I’d invite you to read this story:

“After the Storm”

Jesus and the Gospel of Grace just shines through the life and ministry of Steven Curtis Chapman, wouldn’t you agree?


15 thoughts on “The Love of Christ Shines Through

  1. Yes, it certainly does!! Great, GREAT story. I have been keeping up with them feverishly through his manager, Jim’s site:

    They were on Good Morning America and Larry King Live last week, and a People magazine issue was released this week with a special 6 page spread of their story; and the way they continue to praise God and hold onto hope in Christ through this unthinkable tragedy.

    It is a pretty amazing and inspiring story-I admire him and his family for being so real and honest through it all. I truly believe and so many have been praying that their story and strong faith held throughout will reach many people-hopefully those who have never heard of Jesus and the Good News of His message before.

    They said that after the accident, Steven was wondering if he would ever be able to sing on stage again, but he decided if ever the Gospel message rings true, which is why he does what he does-it would be now.

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate his example.

  2. You guys know my stand on this far as the music goes. I think the keyword you used was “performed”…because that’s what they do…perform for an audience. I do hope he will get through the tragic death of his daughter though.

  3. Not only is he getting over his daughter’s death, but he’s taking the opportunity to draw people closer to the Lord as a result of the tragedy. THAT is the Gospel at work.

  4. I guess we all have our opinions, but I don’t find an “example” 🙂 in the bible of music being used as a tool to spread the gospel. Some people like heavy metal hard acid rock with a mosh pit – could I use that to “draw people in” spreading the gospel? Some people like comedy acts – could I spread the gospel through a comedy show, you know “draw them in”? Some people” even like circus acts, maybe that would “draw in a crowd and help spread the gospel. I could take this to many levels of entertainment…Nathan, we may agree on some things, but this is not one of them…..maybe the gospel should be preached and THAT draw people to the Lord.

  5. Just so everyone knows/understands where I stand on the issues:

    1. I do not hold the church of Christ view of baptism “totally” – I lean towards Carl Ketchersides and many other Church of Christ preachers on this issue.
    2. I do NOT see Acts 20:7 as an example that says “One MUST partake the Lords Supper each Sunday, or be sent to hell.”
    3. I do NOT hold to the view that singing with the aids of mechanical instruments in worship is sinful per the “law of silence/exclusion view.” I do, however, see music today in the church as mere entertainment and I prefer singing only.

    Everything else, I am pretty much in agreement with Johnny and crew. I think more preaching and less controversy would be great though.

  6. The interesting thing about JR and crew’s view is that they say they have no creeds, but it seems like an unspoken creed in their case is “my way or the highway”. They would take Randy’s previous statement about not holding to those certain views and say that he is not saved because he doesn’t hold to all of their interpretations.

    Well, I’m sorry lads, but until I see a light shine down from heaven on JR and crew’s collective heads, and I hear a voice boom out saying, “These guys have it 100% right! Listen to them!”, I will continue to hold to the view that God is a graceful God when it comes to matters of interpreting Scripture some 2000 years after it was written.

    And no, friends in the hypercon cofC, I’m not saying you can’t know truth. I’m saying that you haven’t cornered the market on knowing truth.

  7. I agree Nathan and that is what concerns me most of all. You either be robotic without any opinions, understandings, or be rejected…and that’s sad. I know there are people right now in there each Sunday who see things my way, but they dare not speak up, because they know the outcome. It’s sad that those things I mentioned can separate the body of Christ, but it does, and it does because of men who think they have it all figured out. I was willing to put aside my views and still partake each Sunday in the Lords Supper ( out of Love for Christ ) but Johnny let me know that if I held my view I would not be allowed to partake, so, I guess the best things to do there is keep your views to yourself and just play along….trust me, people do that.

  8. Nathan.. I am having problems accessing the link to your posting of “An Open Letter to Johnny Robertson, Chris Knight, and Charles Roark” goes to an error page each time I click on it or anyone’s post in it.

  9. I don’t know what to tell you, Rick. Maybe try clearing your history folder or emptying your cache? Maybe there’s something there that needs to be cleaned out first.

  10. The Chapman family’s ordeal should be an inspiration to us all. I hope that when tragedy comes my why, I could have half the faith this family does. How they can turn such grief into “good” is beyond me. They still continue to pass on the gospel message.

    Amen to that.

  11. Hey, JP! Good to see you around again.

    You speak truth re: the Chapmans. Of course, he has been inspiring me in my walk with the Lord since I first heard him years ago. Much of his music is based directly on Scripture (especially his early stuff) and helped me in Scripture memorization. I’ve also seen him in concert a few times, and he always lays out the Gospel in very clear terms.

    I think SCC’s a great example of how we can all be the “aroma of Christ” (2 Cor 2:15), no matter our career path.

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