The Clay Pots Journal

Happened upon a good blog today, of (what seems to be) non hyper-conservative Church of Christ folks.  Thought I’d share the link with you, as they sound like good, Scripturally minded people who don’t claim that they’ll be the only ones in Heaven.

Clay Pots Journal 


4 thoughts on “The Clay Pots Journal

  1. I have read the topix Royse City Forum…..It really hurts to see a leader of a local church (CoC) being so rude and inefficent. If he really cared about the people in the community it would show by his love, then he could lovingly lead them. I was raised in a CoC and still have held some of their beliefs….but not because I think it’s for my salvation, but I know that it DOES keep me focused on him. I do not attend a CoC now….there are too many ‘rule book’ ones around here. But would go to one if there was one that was not that way…..I agree with baptizing AS soon as you can after making the decision to follow Christ- it puts an action behind it and it becomes one experence….not believing then getting baptized years later. I also loved taking communion every sunday….NOT becasue my salvation depends on it but because it reminds me ever week the sacrifice he made. With that say, Just in other church where there are distractions and rotines, some peopole in the CoC partake without even recognizing what the are doing or being distracted. THIS HAPPENS IN ALL CHURCHES NOT JUST CoC. I DO NOT agree with rules on music….although there are some churchs that are starting to change that. ( North Richland Hills CoC precher Rich Achtley has gotten alot of grief about it- listen under “Both-and’s- It takes about ALL of this) .There are alot of people who ENJOY worship without musical instruments but using instruments is not taking away from my relationship with Christ. Look around at . They have got CoC right!!!

  2. I have attended worship at North Richland Hills COC and it was a true heartfelt worship and glorification of God. The last service I attended was a capella, meaning instruments aren’t needed for “real” worship, but for some I see it. When I attend a Walk to Emmaus event we worship with instruments. Most of the guys are Methodist and Baptist and believe me they need the instruments- some of then still can’t carry a tune with the back up. (Meant to be humorous)

    You made a good point though-Rick Atchley, Max Lucado, Chris Seidman, etc… are being attacked for the progressions their congregations are taking by hyper-cons- All knowing how the COC leadership works. It is elders (shepherds) and congregants that make up the leadership and ultimately decide the direction of a Church of Christ congregation. So why are the preachers bashed by some of their own? Its easier to condemn one person than a whole congregation.

    If you hold true to the church of christ core beliefs but don’t need the dogma some have added to it. Aren’t there others in your area that feel the same way? 15 years ago eight families in my area felt that way and began worshipping in a home. They held true to bibical principals and in the true spirit of the restoration movement which was to move back to core bibical teachings and centered on prayer formed a new christian body. Today that church has 2500 members, is active in the community, inclusive and participates in Promise Keepers, Emmaus, Stephen Ministry, Catholic Food Pantry, and still haven’t lost any of the core COC values or traditions like believers baptism by emmersion, weekly lord’s supper, a-capella music(not by doctrine but, by choice, etc… What I’m saying is do something about your situation -“For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.” Matt 18:20.

  3. From Dennis: “15 years ago eight families in my area felt that way and began worshipping in a home.”

    Johnny Robertson’s church of Christ here in town also had a group break away and begun worshipping at home. For some reason he keeps things like this quite when on TV – wonder why ? And I guess they never will come clean about Jason but continue to pretend like they don’t know what happened to him – give me a break. These guys here in town want to come across as honest and upright and then deceive people by withholding information and flatly telling a lie, stating they don’t know what happened to Jason, nor don’t know where he is…and again, they still haven’t followed their so-called pattern theology – they haven’t went to Jason yet to try and restore him…I guess this command can be put aside – I don’t like to say this, but these men are puffed up with pride, to the degree they hide things from the community so they appear to be right and never wrong…btm line – Jason an ex church of Christ preacher left them and so did others….come clean Johnny – you always claim you have nothing to hide…

  4. Wow, I have almost wasted 40 minutes of my life listening to Johnny explain how the “Church of Christ” is the only church-man, he just goes in circles and circles and circles…it is actually pretty exhausting! Do people actually watch this and believe it? I feel like I need to repent for wasting my time on this, 😉 but I really wanted to see what you were talking about. I found it ironic that he said he did not interpret the Bible-but simply stated what it was saying. Ha-yeah right!!! Good gravy…

    Man, to think if he could us all of this passion, time, money, and energy that he puts into refuting, challenging, defending, and debating…and pour it in to actually preaching the Good News of Christ, loving people, and seeking to actually save the lost-imagine the good he could really do!!!!!

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