TV Hosts: Come Clean Regarding Jason Hairston

The following bit is really only for the local community. If you are a visitor to our blog, but live outside of the viewing area of our local TV hosts, then you needn’t worry about this.

***added later***

I appreciate the comments that were sent to me by other folks who apparently do have some information about this situation. However, I don’t want to post heresay, even if it is from reliable folks. My challenge here is for Jason to let folks know, or to give Johnny, Norm or James the opportunity to let folks know. So, if you know (or think you know) what happened, you can certainly email it to me at, but I don’t want to post anything here that isn’t from one or all of the four gentlemen who are the TV hosts.

Thanks! Nathan


I wish these men would just tell what happened with Jason. The man was on TV for a couple of years, and suddenly he just stops. And the best thing they can do when folks call and ask is hem and haw. It happened again last night, and Norm referred the caller to Johnny, and deftly avoided giving any information about Jason’s situation.

I can hear them now… “It’s none of your business!”

Now, I’m not trying to make trouble for Jason, and if Jason was only a leader in a local congregation, I would agree that such a statement would be appropriate. However, it IS our business, because Jason was on television each week, coming into our living rooms for quite some time, telling us that if we weren’t a part of his church we were bound for hell. If he left the church for personal reasons, he needs to say that. However, if he left over doctrine, he has a moral responsibility to tell the community.

Either way, Jason owes it to the viewers of his program to explain his abrupt departure from TV. And the other three hosts should give him that opportunity.

That being said, I can see that people might think the phone calls that the men have been getting about Jason are some sort of organized campaign to have people call the program and ask about him. Now, I can’t speak for other people, but I have not had the slightest thing to do with such an effort. I think that Johnny Robertson, James Oldfield and Norm Fields need to simply realize that people would like to know about Jason’s departure, and not just that, we deserve to know.


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