The Pre-Post for Johnny’s Show, “What Does the Bible Say?”

Well, we’ve been waiting for quite some time for an actual live show.  Last Wednesday, Johnny Robertson played a tape from a tent meeting, which was apparently aimed subtly at Randy, a frequent poster here. Last Sunday, it was a repeat of the last Wednesday night program.  Next week, he’s going to have his mystery guest from L.A. to ambush debate.  

So, we’ve been waiting with baited breath for Johnny to be live, in person.  What will happen tonight?  Will he give the name of this mystery guest?  Will he have secret video of an area preacher?  Will Billy call in with one of his usual “interesting” phone calls?  We’ll find out!

So, check back here later tonight to see what happens in this, the December 9 broadcast of “What Does the Bible Say?”  And if it’s live tonight, and if you are in the viewing area, please feel free to post your own thoughts and commentary on Johnny’s teaching here until I get my own thoughts up.

Sola Dei Gloria!


2 thoughts on “The Pre-Post for Johnny’s Show, “What Does the Bible Say?”

  1. i am no mystery i am not afraid for God comes with me. God will not allow them to operate they think they want. God has a way of changing the situation. I think i am there for a reason God would never allow me unless it is His will. I am a pastor that believes in miracles and have had a few in my life. Miracles still exsist and God is God so i dont have to prove to them like i told him “dont try to tempt God and bring the sick if there is unbelif God can’t and won’t move.

    Pastor Armando Deloa

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