Local church of Christ readers… be like this! Part Deux

Sunset Church of Christ’s Wellness Fair 


Get in the Know – Stay Healthy

Visit their website

…wait a minute… they are actually meeting a need in the community, not trying to ambush people with video cameras?  Church of Christ folks in the WGSR viewing area… be like this!


Another Debate Challenge – this time from another church of Christ preacher

While Nathan and Corey debate I would like to offer my services to debate Johnny…..one church of Christ preacher to another……on the following issues:
Who is the enemy? Who is a false teacher?

Or, perhaps on ministry approach.

Really, Johnny…who did Jesus call “hypocrites”? Those who were sincerely striving for God, but were mistaken in some areas, or those who were insincerely religious, who didn’t care about God’s will?
Doesn’t Jude 22-23 call for different approaches to different people? And it seems like (maybe I’m wrong) all you want to do is “hate even the garment stained by the flesh,” while neglecting “have mercy on those who doubt,” and “save others by snatching them out of the fire.” 

Johnny, if you’d care to answer this challenge, you can contact Clint here at our blog, or on Randy’s blog, or go directly to the horses mouth at Clint’s blog:  

Johnny’s Last Post

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.  Colossians 4:6

Since this blog is dedicated to discussing the teachings of Church of Christ TV personalities Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield, I made the editorial decision to take the following comment made by Mr. Robertson, which was left on my blog earlier today (and has since slipped off the comment column) and make it into a regular posting so that latecomers won’t miss it. 

If you’d like to see the original post and some of the responses that followed (including two from people who would agree doctrinally with Mr. Robertson, but who were pretty disappointed in his comments), you can look here.

Meanwhile, here is the apparent last post to this blog from Johnny Robertson:

“Here is my last post for you guys

Lee wants to fight
Randy wants a drink
Kattie and kathline are so awesomely cut from the same cloth
and Rick and Nathan …that makes what 6 on this blog
Now you may say, “Johnny you are wrong , you don’t know us and you shouldnt say all that!”
Ok little children Matt 11:16
Jesus said on several occasions that if you want to follow him (really be like him) sell all you have and follow him (Mat 8 fox have holes birds nest)
the reason the folks that meet at 823 Starling cannot be bothered by all this child play is they have seen me do this . I moved here with a rocking chair (from the Marshall Islands)and stayed 5 years and sold all i had again and went to the “slum of slums” (Ebeye atoll) and left all the TV and “Lime Light” so I could reach out to the most untouchables in the world. Most likely I will go back after I have trained some men to keep up the “good fight” against all you false teachers.
Now you see how pointless it is for you all to think you will sway folks in the Martinsville congregation. What do you have as fruit?
They dont even know who you are and that is how Satan works (Eph 5:12)
They know me and so do countless others.
People in sound churches who support me know that I had a thriving business before I gave it all up and decided to be trained to answer all the false religions. Oh and and yes thanks to false churches they know I was in jail too. Boy that hurt you all
more than me, bringing up a saved persons past. That was really telling to anyone thinking of becoming a Baptist Kattie

And one last thing I have a son who is named Caleb! What do you suppose Caleb was famous for “little children (all six of you)? A SPY!
I am so thankful my position does not so destroy reason that I end up failing to appreciate two great characters in the Bible TWO SPIES
When you dont have anything to hide spies are not really hurting you now are they.
Rahab got into the line of Christ by helping spies who were determined to overthrow the enemy
You all are enemies of the true church of Christ (Philp 3:18 ) and when you can finally find someone convicted enough to come out of the dark and meet us as other Baptist have tried to do (AC Smith B Edwards Shirley Phelps Johnny Bullins K Johnson D Parker) we will speak again, until then Happy fighting Rick and Lee. Pentecostals and baptis have never gotten along ya know all that jibberish you call tongues huh Rick… Be a man Rick Help your daddy Kattie
Dont bother responding ya’ll Im not coming back it is toooo dark in here for me
johnny (aka Jim Jones)”

Please feel free to post thoughts and comments, but remember to be civil.  Even though Johnny’s Last Post pretty much was not civil.  Remember Colossians 4:6!