Age of Accountability


I came across a good article dealing with the issue of the “age of accountability”, a subject that was recently discussed on a “What Does the Bible Say” clip over on youtube.

The ever-elusive “age of accountability” that continues to plague some churches; mostly the “Church of Christ” and some other “non-denominational” brands, is the result of a marketing agenda. Let me explain.

For those who have not heard the term “age of accountability,” it is the age when some Protestants believe one is culpable for his sins, is sorry for his sins, and wishes to be baptized for the remission of his sins. It is akin to the moment prior to when a “faith only” Christian words the prayer, “Jesus, come into my heart.”

The irony is that it is those who usually claim to be “real Christians” or “Bible Christians” are who have accepted the doctrine of “age of accountability,” yet have no location in scripture to point for its development. In fairness, I don’t expect “book, chapter, and verse” proofs, but I do expect the admittance that the doctrine was a theological conclusion–an answer to a theological problem; a result of an agenda.

To read the entire article, go here.