An Imaginary Letter


presskitimage1When we think of the Baptists and Evolutionary Scientists we could ambush with this…

Dear Mr. Spence,

We enjoyed reading the article about your invention and your performance art project, “The Eyeborg Project”, over at this website and on your website.  We have to tell you, we think you have invented one of the most amazing things since Alexander Campbell made his stamp on history back in the late 1800’s.  

A little about us… we run a little multi-media company called “Religious Review Press” over in Martinsville, Virginia, and we could really use one of your very cool eyesocket cameras to help us do our work.  It’s such a pain to have to have a camera in actual view where everyone can see it, and we just get giddy imagining using something as ingenious as your invention.  

If you so kindly agree to sell us one of your amazing cameras, we’ll be casting lots to decide who will poke out an eye, but we may still be fighting over who gets the honor.  Hopefully it won’t cause division among us…

Anyhow, please consider our request.  We have DEEP pockets all the way back in Texas, and would really make it worth your while.





One thought on “An Imaginary Letter

  1. You forgot part of the letter: 😉

    And most importantly we would not long be giving away to people on TV that we were recording and hiding it by allowing the camera to swing on the arm band and thus appear that we have no ability to control the camera properly.

    Why with this we could hide that we are recording and not allow the viewers to figure it out!

    Then we would no longer appear to be dishonest! 😉

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