A Newly Discovered Blog

Todd Deaver’s blog is a good one to bookmark.

Here’s an excerpt, where he starts to explain his goals:

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I have an agenda. My aim is to help conservative/traditional members of the Church of Christ to see the inconsistencies and failures of their (in my humble perspective) radical exclusivism, and to open their minds to what I believe is a more biblical approach to the issue of salvation and fellowship.

Sounds like a great idea!  Go over and check it out.


4 thoughts on “A Newly Discovered Blog

  1. I think you would enjoy his book too. I contacted Todd a month ago and he shipped me a copy…great book !!

  2. Hi Nathan,

    I found your blog a while back (last year or so) because I too have had…interesting experiences with the CoC. Keep in mind that I have no problem accepting these people as brothers and sisters, despite their love affair with baptismal fonts, but I have yet to explicitly be returned the favor. You know, I would side with them on assuming someone’s not saved if the person lives like a demon–I’d doubt their salvation too. But in the majority of cases, that’s not who the CoC is talking about. They are pointing their fingers at people much like themselves in terms of love for Christ and the Bible (some maybe even more than some CoC-ers) who simply were not baptized “correctly” or who are presumptuous in thinking that salvation can’t be lost.
    Sorry to incoherently rant, but it’s nice to find a group of people who can relate to my experiences. And yes, both your blog and Todd’s look awesome.
    Keep up the work brother…even when you have to shake the Martinville dust off your feet.
    ((Also, here’s a weird conundrum for you…I printed out the “Bible Questions for the Church of Christ” article and shared it with a CoC friend. She gave it to a CoC guy she knows who apparently does heavy apologetics/evangelism work over the Internet. Long story short, he told her the article I printed out was from an atheist group. When I protested she said “there are wolves in sheep’s clothing…” What I still don’t realize is how an atheist organization would publish other stuff on their site that seeks to PROVE the Bible…))

    God bless and thanks,

    PS–Thanks too for the “nod” to Max Lucado. He is shining a bright light of truth and grace to his legalistic brothers.
    PPS-If this is not “on topic,” you don’t have to publish it, although I think it might be relevant to the general discussion. At least you’ll see how one reader sees things.

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