Money Well Spent… Not.

Chris Knight is reporting on his blog, and I also witnessed this, that hyperconservative Johnny Robertson used about 30 minutes of bought and paid for broadcast time to run this image on tonight’s broadcast of “What Does the Bible Say?”:


A DVD menu, complete with “unScriptural” new age music.  

For 30 minutes.

How much does 30 minutes of air time cost on this station?  Chris Knight estimated it to be between $500 and $1000.  These guys have that kind of money to spend on broadcasting a DVD menu?    

Houston, we have a problem…


18 thoughts on “Money Well Spent… Not.

  1. Yes about 1/2 the program of what was 1.5 hours was taken up by this DVD.

    Why because it appears that JR is either to busy or still recovering from surgery to do a live show. I would imagine that the first part of the show was a recording also since there was no call in part.

    I am surprised that James did not take the show spot to cover.

    If Johnny is still recovering I wish him well and full recovery, this has never been personal and have no ill feelings towards the man except I disagree with this methods of operation where they disagree with God’s Word.

  2. Could it be that the station made a mistake\\

    they told the area on THE BUZZ Monday that it was a production error

    they also talked about Chris

  3. Certainly it could have been a mistake. I’d be interested to know what sort of production error would cause a DVD menu to be played for 30 minutes, if you would like to clear it up.

    And by the by, you already know that I’m not going to allow your feud with Chris to spill over onto this blog, so you the two of you shouldn’t even start to go there. You both have blogs where you can argue with each other as much as you’d like.

    Now, if the two of you would like to have a civil discussion, devoid of personal attacks or jabs from either side, I’d be more than happy to allow that here.

    Parse that as you will.

  4. Where were our friends from this website last nite while we were at the museum to oppose Evolution?

    Oh thats right…sitting ringside throwing popcorn and beer cans as usual

    Make fun of what happened with the DVD all you want but 1. it wasnt our fault and 2. you should be helping us oppose evolution, afterall, aren’t we on common ground with this topic? Or do you just like cutting off your nose to spite your face?


  5. Some interesting things about your comment, Joey.

    1) This is the first time you guys have called us “friends”. Not sure how that makes me feel.

    2) Your sentence presumes that somehow we knew – perhaps by ESP – that you were going to be at the museum. Not that we would have been there even if we had known, but we weren’t even invited. That’s like me throwing a birthday party, not inviting someone, then getting upset that they didn’t show.

    3) This is also the first time I’ve read you guys proposing to find common ground on something. Typically, it’s all “defeat and destroy!” kind of language. It’s kind of weird, to tell you the truth.

    Here’s a question for you, though. How far does your “common ground” go? Do we have to subscribe to the same exact theories of Creationism that JR teaches to maintain our close bond? What if we differed on something… is it “my way or the highway” or is it “agree to disagree”?

    Sorry for being cynical, but I get the distinct impression that your whole message was nothing but a red herring.

    But thanks for stopping by!

  6. You – “Not that we would have been there even if we had known, but we weren’t even invited”

    Me – it was a public event, fully advertised

    You – “Sorry for being cynical, but I get the distinct impression that your whole message was nothing but a red herring.”

    Me – you just accused me of making a presumption and then you go and make one

    You – “Do we have to subscribe to the same exact theories of Creationism that JR teaches to maintain our close bond?”

    Me – I dont know what “theories of Creationism JR teaches” but I do know that if you have a problem with literal translation of Genesis for example(i.e. earth created in 7 days instead of millions of years between each event – Old earth creationism), then yes that would be a problem

  7. Joey:

    Why in the world were you protesting a science museum?

    How would anyone here know you were doing it?

    If we did join this protest, wouldn’t you be fellowshipping with people you consider to be non-Christians for a religious purpose?

  8. 12Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.

    13And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

    Joshua 10:12-13

    – Joey, do you believe that the Earth revolves around the Sun? If you do, how do ignore the clear statements in the verses above?

    There was a time that such a thought was considered scandalous at best, and to most pure blasphemy.

  9. In the end, does it truly matter what the exact mechanism was that God used to create the world?

    Nowhere in scripture does it command us to defend “creationism”. We are commanded to show the love of Christ to others.

    The former cannot become a surrogate for the latter.

    We are here now. The world will judge that there is a God not because of dead bones in the earth, but because of His life in our hearts.

    And that some of us choose not to partake in a “protest” with impure motive to begin with, does not in no measure condemn us as insincere regarding our faith.

  10. Surely you are not going to associate with false teachers Joey?!?! Who have been accused of stopping people from reading the truth.

    Funny my Bible has some highlighter markings in it but I can find no blacked out parts where my Pastor has prevented me from reading.

    SO in a word you sowed the seed to have others who believe in Christ avoid you, stop crying that it has taken place as the blame rests with the CoC!

    You are acting like a wife beater who then complains his wife does not want to be around him!

    So I am sorry as for me you may stand alone and reap what you have sown by the attacks your people have launched on the other christian believers in this area! Now if Johnny Robertson wants to publicly apologize without the lying for Jesus Old Testament tactics to all the churches he has attacked and ask forgiveness and call them brothers publicly though we disagree on parts of scripture then we have common ground. Till then enjoy the harvest of what your group has sown!

    Otherwise I would have been there in a minute as evolution is nothing but a state sponsored religion that requires as much faith as does a belief in creationism. But as it stands now, we are not brothers by your choice not mine and thus I will abide by that seed that you have sown.

  11. Joey: I dont know what “theories of Creationism JR teaches” but I do know that if you have a problem with literal translation of Genesis for example(i.e. earth created in 7 days instead of millions of years between each event – Old earth creationism), then yes that would be a problem

    Is this a salvation issue? If a person has done all the work that the church of Christ interpretation of Scripture says he or she must do to achieve salvation [including being “baptized for the remission of sins”, taking the Lord’s Supper each first day of the week, participating in an instrumental-less worship, not giving tithes and offerings, etc], but don’t hold to a literal seven day creation interpretation of Genesis, can they still be saved?

    If your answer is no, please elaborate.

  12. I’ve been wondering for a long time: whenever I visit a church for a service, and we are singing hymnals, I wind up always whistling to the tune. Don’t ask why I do it, it just happens. Nobody minds. A lot of people have told me over the years that they like it even.

    But whistling isn’t mentioned in the Bible as taking place in the New Testament churches.

    My question is: Am I going to Hell because I whistle in church?

  13. this little events demonstrates why we don’t come to this site anymore.

    Chris made a charge a week ago. The station has since gone live and apologized and awarded us free time two nites later (prime time) and re-aired the event.

    During the segment that did actually play last Sunday, I advertised that we would be at the museum to protest the event about which you all are ignorantly arguing over.
    The event was advertised in the Martinsville paper, (I put this on TV) the event has been online at the Museum website forever.

    We have talked about it replayed shows on talking about it…

    but the “reporter” Chris didn’t tell you all any of this.

    We played clips of Baptist preachers saying evolution is against the Bible, we ourselves showed that Jesus was a literal creationist Matt 19:4

    then at the museum I personally challenged the great speaker who came to say “debate” is not needed, to a debate. He responded, ” I am very tempted to do just that.” After his speech he said on tape that he would consider coming back to met me on TV.

    We have in print that the museum ascribes to monkey to man and the speaker on Thur actually ascribed to Darwin’s points of “black men” are closer to the monkey than white men.

    SO again we move on from this site to a more concerned & honest crowd.

    Just thought we would drop in to remind you that Chris got you all into the Iron Lung Debacle in the first place and he has been trying to extricate himself ever sense. Good try Chris but you have egg on your face again.

  14. JR,

    Please greet this “more concerned & honest crowd” on behalf of the ACOC blog.

    To your comments: you are under the mistaken notion that we tune into your every moment on WGSR like Elvis fans. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised you feel this way, considering that you are a frequent topic of discussion here. But your discussion about evolution on Thursday night was the first time I personally heard anything about the lecture you attended.

    I don’t have a problem with you asking the museum hard questions, and they shouldn’t either. They’re big boys and girls who are funded by the state – government funded scientists who should be used to asking questions themselves. I’m sure that what they wouldn’t like is your intrusive use of video and the fact that you talk about things ad nauseam once they occur. Believe me, JR, nobody wants to end up as a looped quotation on your show thanks to you OR to your son on “Religious Review Press”.

    Speaking of which, someone else asked the question when you became a publishing house? We all thought you were a multimedia company. I thought that was a good question.

    By the way, in a recent study about Paul’s transformation from Saul, I believe God brought you to my mind. I am continuing to pray for you, John, that you would have your road to Damascus experience.

    Later tater,

  15. Mine was the hand that pressed the button, sending that “menu” on the WGSR-TV airwaves.
    Mine was the mind that, preoccupied with other tasks, did not monitor Johnny’s show that night, and allowed a disc menu to air for a half-hour.

    I readily confess my faults, and if any of you have accused Johnny falsely because of my lack of watchfulness in my duties, lay your accusations to my account.

    Matt Smith

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