New Blog Discovered

I just read about another blog that our regular visitors might be interested in checking out.

Here’s a list of the pages:


Church of Christ Hermeneutic

Application of CENI

Church of Christ Culture

Contemporary Issues in the Church of Christ

Go poke around!


4 thoughts on “New Blog Discovered

  1. Um you do realize that the owner of the site is an atheist?

    Realize that if you are a Christian, I don’t have a problem with you believing in Christ, but I do think you are wrong.

    Not that I don’t see his points as I was once an atheist also!

  2. I didn’t realize it until after I’d posted the link, and then started poking around a little more in depth and put 2 + 2 together.

    I thought about whether or not I should keep the link up, but then I realized that this is what often happens when people come out of the hypercon world – they reject God altogether – and I thought it was important to leave it up so that that reality can be remembered. It’s what happened to Jason Hairston, too.

    And the fact that the blog author has rejected the hypercon view of God doesn’t negate the validity of some of his arguments.

  3. Interesting post. When reading this, the thought can come to mind that this man must have attended the same cofC denomination as Johnny Robertson. Also, this man losing his faith is a sad and tragic thing to happen.

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