“In his words…”

We have many visitors on this blog who are not from the WSGR viewing community, and who don’t know what we’re talking about when we reference hyperconservative church of Christ folks.  Well, Chris Knight has written a good report of what hypercon Johnny Robertson said on a recent broadcast of his cable program.  I invite all ACOC visitors to pop over there and take a look, and then you’ll see what the good folks in our community have to live with.  

Click here to visit Chris’s blog.


11 thoughts on ““In his words…”

  1. hi boys and girls,
    did anyone just hear good old john use the term
    S.N.A.F.U ?
    why it couldn’t possibly be so……
    profane language from those lips?
    my, my,so disappointing.

  2. Watched a bit tonight… I wish these guys realized just how irritating the looping thing is – the repeat over and over and over and over and over. But I’m glad they do it, because the more irritating they are, the less people will take them seriously.

  3. Oh the real issue was having JR crowing over that young man as proof of his doctrine and knowing that today the young man is no longer with him.

    Sad to know this young man was crushed by the JR “my way or the hell way” express train!

  4. A note for lee. I put this to post on Corey’s blog on “original sin”. check it out, that is if he puts it up.

    Corey said: Sin cannot be transmitted physically, for if it is, then Jesus Himself inherited this sin.


    2 Corinthians 5:21
    “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

    Jesus knew no sin and did not sin, though was made sin when He became flesh. We are all born flesh, we are all born in sin.

  5. Oh yes John thats much worse then someone purposely trying to make kids dancing look like they were showing their privates to others by using circles to block the area.

    Thus creating the illusion of children being indecent or is Chris’ view of the original video without your circles a lie also?

  6. By the way Robertson…

    At no time did I brag that “everyone is afraid of me”.

    Nor did I threaten to “wrap that stuff” hard around anyone’s neck.

    Neither did I make myself comparable to Jesus Christ.

    And I wouldn’t dare suggest that I know more about the Bible than anyone else in the area.

    This is why you and I are so different, Johnny Robertson. I don’t believe that I’m perfect, or that I have to be perfect enough to satisfy God. His mercy and grace is enough, and I am content with that. Nor do I have to take myself seriously all the time. I and others who are likewise living joyfully in the saving grace of Christ, can actually have fun and even laugh at themselves!

    How about you Robertson? You once told me that your baptism was practically a sad and tragic affair. Why would being baptized be a time for mourning? The Ethiopian eunuch went on his way rejoicing after his baptism (which followed his salvation, according to scripture). Unless you believed that you were entering into a religion that demanded you “remain faithful” and you weren’t sure or confident that you could do that.

    Now, that is a “false religion”, if you’re looking for one Robertson. You’re in one now.

    You are not perfect. Neither am I. The thing is, I’m not pretending that I am anything but a sinner saved by the grace of God. I find great happiness in that. And I’m not afraid to share that with others.

    Where is your happiness, Johnny Robertson? What are you sharing with the world around you?

    And why did you lie about that church engaging in child pornography, now that we have your attention again?

  7. Johnny on Scare Tactics
    Johnny you say everyone is scared of you, with pride. Maybe you should’ve called your show scare tactics. Too late it’s been taken. You say you and your cohort James want to save souls and then put ridiculous warnings before your show cautioning people not to watch your show. This is just acting childish and is not what the bible says about like a little child, quite the opposite. You told your own son to lie telling him to go into a church and announce to be from religious review. This religious review was the headline of an episode on an old what does the bible say, not an organization you are in. That is being deceptive. You make false statements about people, playing on the air part of what they said or showing part of a quote, pulling it out of context. Editing like that is being dishonest. You have lied so much if you were to be honest you couldn’t be trusted. You’re an evil man Johnny. You look more like the possessed man Jack Nicholson played in the movie the shining as he peeked through the door at his terrified wife with an ax in his hand, “Heeeeere’s Johnny.” Your show is nothing more than a spoof.

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