“Speaking to one another…”


Happened to catch a bit of “What Does the Bible Say” tonight, and couldn’t believe it when I realized what JR was doing.  He spent quite a few minutes lambasting a local church for having Christian rappers perform.  Then, he had the nerve to justify his argument by using the following verse…

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” (Eph 5:19)

Does anyone else not see the irony here?  JR is saying that they are doing something sinful, when they are not using any instruments, but are speaking to one another.  That is what RAP is all about – the human voice.  

They just love to complain about everything, it seems.

I’m still on my hiatus, by the way – the blog is not opening back up for business yet.  I just had to write about this issue.  Someone has contacted me concerning the so-called “Religious Review”, by the way.  I’m thinking about whether or not to post what they wrote.  We’ll see.

Now back to my break…


3 thoughts on ““Speaking to one another…”

  1. Over on Randy’s blog, a discussion has started about this topic. The question was raised by someone about how folks in a church could rap corporately. But that passage in Ephesians doesn’t say that corporate singing is a necessity. It says “speaking to yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs…” which brings to mind more of a poetry slam, where rappers share their raps.

    It seems like maybe the thing that people have a problem with when it comes to Christian rap being used in the church is really that it is not of their culture/generation.

  2. Oh I am sorry I missed this, was this tonight, I came in when JR was quoting verse about sitting on Moses seat to explain how and why he should be able to sit in Jesus seat.

    Seems the all knowing all seeing scripture quoter missed the fact that in the chain of command Jesus was above the people he was talking about and to! Jesus was in authority over the pharisees he had that authority to speak about them because he knew every detail about their hearts.

    So you can add this irony of Johnny sitting on Jesus seat while talking about how Jesus was condemning the Pharisees who sat in Moses seat.

    “But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.”

    I believe the above is the scripture quote of the day!

    I’m still waiting to hear how repentance of a murderer can take place when a divorced person has to undo a current marriage to fix their sin. Surely under that logic a murderer must raise the dead!

    As for Rap music, and his scripture quote, has anyone actually thought about the part that takes about spiritual songs as to sing in the spirit????

    Oh what language to Angels speak again Johnny?

  3. To “walkinginlove” It is simple, really. A murderer or any other sinner, can be forgiven their sins through repentance and the asking of forgiveness. Repentance requires the cessation of that sin. Murderers must stop killing, adulterers,stop cheating and so on. It is illogical to think that a murderer can only be forgiven of that sin by raising the dead. Obviously that is not possible. HOWEVER, it is possible for a divorced and remarried person to correct their sin. The sin of remarriage while their first spouse is living can be corrected.

    This is a very difficult topic for me to comprehend as well, simply because the scripture does not mention divorce specifically in cases of abuse, addiction, etc, only in cases of adultery. However,the scripture does detail a marriage where respect, submission, honor and love are the core. Therefore, a marriage of abuse, adultery, addiction, neglect is not what God created. Is God to detail every rule for our lives word for word? He did not tell me how much makeup I could wear, just to not be painted as a harlot. How painted is a harlot? How is that determined? Likewise, he did not detail every instance of reasons for divorce. Common sense rules here. BUT, what about remarriage? sigh, I find great difficulty in the idea behind the necessary divorce of remarried couples. I know a couple who has done so- they are just “companions” now- is a “relationship” outside of marriage better? The Pharisees attempted to create details and rules for everything, and they were drowning in those rules, constantly pointing fingers at what someone was doing “wrong”- including Jesus (working on the Sabbath). God is not so difficult, I think. He created us, He loves us, and He wants us to live eternally.

    This debate is one that shows how important it is to pick a mate seriously according to scripture. It shows how much scripture is not understood by humankind and how much we all want to be “right” according to what we believe. I do not know the answer to the divorce issue, but I do know that those who preach this view are doing so because they truely believe they are right according to scripture and want to help save souls. One day we will all find out the complete truth, until then we should live according to our best understanding of Gods word, and pray for His wisdom in all that we do.

    This site is great, I will return to read more!

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