Taking a Break…


Regular commenters and readers,

The blog will be taking a break for a bit.  You can continue these conversations over at walkinginlove.wordpress.com, or over at Chris‘s or Randy’s blogs.  

There are no big problems, no emergencies, no crisis or anything.  Just taking a break.

I’d encourage others to take a break, too.  It’s good for you.

See y’all in a while!

Mr. Answer


3 thoughts on “Taking a Break…

  1. Walking In Love > I left you a comment on your blog…see you over there.

    Corey, I would like your input on the subject that I commented on…see walking in loves blog

  2. My blog is unfiltered so posts go through without checking, you may show yourself there if you wish but I hope that God will filter your posts for you before you hit the submit.

    Otherwise there are no rules except what you are willing to voluntarily live with.

    My skin is thick so I have no problem with anything anyone would post, but remember you will be known by your fruits so be wise in your posts.

    Hope you return soon!

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