5 thoughts on “Another Interesting Website…

  1. Lots of anger and defensiveness, yes? My guess is that the person who started the website is responding to hypercons, and the people responding would be considered apostate by the hypercons. The reason I say that is that I didn’t read anything in the website that was incorrect in the hypercon doctrine.

    The website owners need to adopt usage of the “hyperconservative” designation to help differentiate between sects of the “churches of Christ”. It’s helped us here.

  2. That depends, if a CoC fellowship considers others to be unsaved unless they are part of the CoC denomination then they are simply passive in their beliefs and all it will take is one aggressive person to show up in their body and they will be off trying to destroy other churches also.

    It’s bitter root of elitism is the same bitter root that is being bread is westboro!

  3. is shawn paden of the royse city texas church of christ a hyperconservative or is he just a big bully?

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