Some Interesting Links

My recent online wanderings have led me to a couple of interesting church of Christ related websites.

First, is Journey to Orthodoxy.  This is a blog by Nathan Lee Lewis, who was formerly Southern Baptist, but has since become Orthodox Christian.  He makes some pretty interesting pleas to Campbellite churches of Christ.

Second, is a website I found on JP Manzi’s blog, and it is a bulletin board for church of Christ persons who have since gravitated towards the Catholic church.  It is called church of Christ to Catholic.

As a Protestant Christian, it is interesting for me to see these other two streams of Christianity, and how they have developed through history.  And it is interesting that they all also claim the mantle of THE church of Christ.  

Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July!


2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Links

  1. Hello-our site is linked in your site as “An Exhaustive Look at the Church of Christ” but the link is broken. Please check the correct link above. We appreciate the link and have also linked from OUR site to yours.
    God bless you for your words of truth to a world that needs the saving grace of Christ’s finished work on the cross.

  2. Fixed! Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for the link! We love your site!


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