A Highly Recommended Website

Key Life

Key Life is a radio and internet ministry that broadcasts out of Orlando, Florida.  It is hosted by Steve Brown, who is an author, seminary professor, and all-around good joe.  He has an amazing Biblical grasp on the grace of God, which I would say is at the heart of the things he talks about.  

I would mostly encourage that you listen to his “Key Life” podcasts.  If you have itunes, you can also subscribe to his podcasts there as well.  He also has interesting programs that deal more with Christians working in the larger culture in his “The Brown Sessions” podcasts.

Visit Key Life here.

And please note that we have added a new link section over on the right where we will add links of websites that are fantastic for visitors of this blog to check out.  Look for new links regularly!


2 thoughts on “A Highly Recommended Website

  1. Thank you for your informative website. We have noticed that we get quite a few referrals from you website to ours. But I don’t see any links as such on your site to us. Just curious how these referrals are coming our way. Blessings.

  2. Hi Charles,

    If you look on our blogroll to the right, you’ll see “An Exhaustive Look at the Church of Christ” which is a link to your site. It is a great resource, and I am glad to hear that you are getting so many referrals from us to you.

    Please feel free to drop by our little nook and comment as you see fit!


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