Enough Said?

“we are here to defeat destroy you and uplift truth”

– Johnny Robertson, June 11, 2008 from here.


8 thoughts on “Enough Said?

  1. No one can possibly take Johnny Robertson seriously anymore.


    I’ll say again: I am now regretting that I spent a single moment pressing him for an answer to such a simple question.

    Or maybe it wasn’t wasted after all. Seems like he provided an answer after all.

    Chris: “Johnny, how is what you are doing showing the love of Christ to others?”

    Johnny: “We are here to defeat destroy you…”

    Didn’t Charles Manson also preach something about “loving thy neighbor by killing thy neighbor”?

    I’m now content. Johnny Robertson has given me an answer.

    Thank you, Johnny.

  2. Wow, all this makes me wish I lived in your neck of the woods. I’m glad that God’s grace got hold of me. I hope some day it gets hold of ‘johnny’


  3. Check the blogrolls under “local church of Christ blogs” – “what does the Bible say?”, although it hasn’t been updated in nearly a year.

  4. Johnny, seems to me you are fighting this alone…could we all be wrong and you right? Take Clint up on the debate and lets see.

  5. Will Johnny turn down two debates? So much for him always being ready to give an answer. Johnny, I hope your 1 year preachers can see the road you are taking them – you have your very own wanting to debate you, so we can see the truth from another perspective – not anger and hate. Clint has offered you a debate , and so has Nathan.

    Clint, would you be willing to go live on TV and debate Johnny? Our Community needs someone like you from the church of Christ to show us that the truth can be taught in love. If nothing else, maybe Charles could work with you and you send a DVD or something that can be played to the local people here. I admire you for asking Johnny for this debate.

  6. Pernell,
    I live in Kansas…so a live debate is not entirely out of the question, but not ideal.

    Besides that, I’m not sure his t.v. show would be the best forum for a debate. Too much bias, to say the least.

    DVD might be an option, but there would probably be too many opportunities for him to twist what I say with no opportunity for me to respond properly…..Really I am not out for a debate necessarily. I just want to help my brother and fellow church of Christer understand how he is coming across, and how his methods are damaging to the gospel. If a debate is what it would take to bring up some Bible on the issue, then great…if it would harm by creating an adversarial mood it probably wouldn’t be best.

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