Update on the Multi-church “You Are the Sermon” Day

Here is a followup story to the inspirational one about which I posted the other day, regarding the Christians from Churches of Christ and Baptist Churches working together to show Christ to their neighbors in need.

Update here.

14 thoughts on “Update on the Multi-church “You Are the Sermon” Day

  1. I’m sure that doing things in the community is agood thing. Why do it on Sunday and not do what the Lord commanded about assembling ? I don’t see why they couldn’t do it another day or time?

  2. Why were they not assembling? They came together to go out and do this work – that’s assembling. The church is not about the building – it’s about the people.

    I think the point was that the day and time just further emphasized to the community that the people in the community are important to the churches. If they did it on a Saturday, that message wouldn’t have been so strong. But non-churched people know how much churched folks value their assembling and worshipping time, and so it was bound to have made an impact.

    And, like Katie (I think it was Katie) said, the subject was that the people were the sermon that day. That they were seeing the love of Christ in action. And, this is an assumption admittedly, but I would guess that some of those churches have Sunday evening services, too, and probably they assembled that night to have their regular worship service – but again, that’s just a guess on my part.

  3. That’s true as Nathan expressed, we don’t know for sure I suppose all of the details of the planning that day but wouldn’t it have been a great day of Christian service and worship if (and maybe they did) they came back to the church that evening in worship giving God praise for what He accomplished and sharing of how God used them that day to bless people across the city. That would be a great message to the people of the city (of churches working together to show care for them) and a great encouragment to Christians of how God has a purpose and place for them in the working of His Kingdom!

    Wow I am ready to preach baby!

  4. Well, you were close Nathan-it was me who said that 😉

    I continue to love this idea as my idea of “being church” has changed drastically-I could see people being upset if this was an every week thing-but how can anyone be upset that they got out of their pews, put on some work clothes, and went to be hands and feet to their community?! And trust me, I recently lived in Abilene-they need it (of course everywhere there is someone in need).

    I love what Rick said-we used to do that when I was in the youth group-we would have Work Camp for a week with most of the CoC in the metroplex-we would work on houses all day, then go home, freshen up and come back for a time of worship and sharing of what God had done during the day. It was such a blessing-I look back now, and think “Why don’t we do more of that?”

    I am not trying to take away from the idea of assembling-of course it is important. I love worshipping with other believers, but I KNOW there is more to following Jesus than that, and it frustrates me when we boil down and institutionalize Christianity. That is why I love it when I see things like this, and then become frustrated when I see people question it-because there is such a bigger picture.

    Anyway, my 2 cents again 😉

  5. This conversation has made me consider this more… does anyone here think that they were actually wrong to do this service project on the morning of the first day of the week, when they would normally be meeting for their worship service? Or, to take it step further – that it was somehow sinful that they did this rather than meet in a church building?

    It seems like some folks might be kind of dancing about that issue – not willing to go so far as to say what they might really be thinking in this instance.

    Or, conversely, I could be completely wrong with what I’m suggesting. It wouldn’t be the first time!


    P.S. What would Johnny, Norm and/or James say… especially considering the ecumenical nature of the event?

  6. Nathan,

    I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I don’t think this was wrong or sinful unless they chose not to worship God at some point that day. Again, I point to Jesus’ words to “worship God, and serve Him only”. Could we spend our lives doing service to God and never worship Him? Of course not. I am inclined to believe that, as you stated, they probably had worship services that night and so nothing wrong or sinful was done.

    What would Johnny, Norm or James say? Who cares? Knowing what little I know of them they would probably have a problem with working with a denomination if no attempt was made to teach them as well. They would probably have a problem with considering the event a time of Christian fellowship as opposed to simply doing good works.

    I say this – we spend our lives working (for a living) with atheists, agnostics and people from all differing religious beliefs. If that isn’t wrong, then how could it be wrong to work along side them doing good works? Would they have said after Hurricane Katrina, “I’d like to go help the people who are needy, but I can’t because I might have to go work along side someone who believes differently from me?”

    Surely not.

  7. Good words, corey. I’d hope that you are right in your assumption about what J, N & J would say. Certainly, if it was a Katrina-type situation you’d probably be correct in that there would be little choice – everyone is pitching in in a situation like that with a national tragedy and emergency.

    Personally, I would love to see the people who assemble at the Martinsville Church of Christ partner with an area Baptist church (or any other Christian fellowship that doesn’t label itself “church of Christ” ) in a self-initiated service project.

    However, I would hope that the point would be the service, and the desire to show Christ’s love to others, and not attempting “to teach” the Christians from the other Christian fellowship. You know what I mean?

  8. I would say the hypercons as Nathan calls them would think it was wrong to do these good works because it is being done with denominations. This is why I was so excited to see these folks coming together with other non c of c Christians to do good things. I say this because it probably was not easy for them to do. And I think this says a lot about their bravery because they will be persecuted over this as the c of c’s have been who have introduced music. This is great to see because for years it was beat into our heads in the c of c that even if what you are doing is good, its somehow negated because its being done with denominations. How crazy is that when you back up and look at it. I guess this distorted belief originated because from what I’ve read when the big split happened in 1906 one of the issues was charity work in addition to IM.
    P.S. I was not talking about the love and grace filled c of c Christians like Katherine and others here. Until I met Katherine and others I didn’t realize the brave change agents were out there.

  9. So as long as they assemble they don’t have to pray, sing, take the Lords supper etc? I don’t think that’s what we see in the bible

  10. Does your interpretation of Scripture lead you to conclude that they sinned by doing this, faithful?

  11. faithful, you there? Does your interpretation of Scripture lead you to conclude that they sinned by doing this?

  12. I don’t see how they were doing things that were commanded for the first day of the week. I don’t see why it couldn’t be done some other time than the one hour that’s needed for worship. I also see it as sending a false message. These two groups don’t teach the same thing. Or do they . We do know that parts of the church have slipped into denominationalism. It seems that maybe this church of Christ is a church of Christ in name only.

  13. Oh my gosh. It’s like talking to a wall.

    faithful, will at least acknowledge that you are ignoring the request from your fellow hyperconservative church of Christ brother? It’s really quite bizarre.

    Meanwhile, don’t expect any good conversation about these issues until you do. It seems that all the regulars to the blog are in agreement that you need to address Corey’s concerns.

    Boss of the Blog

  14. Unbelievable, faithful…false message? They were doing EXACTLY what Christ has called us to-uniting as ONE to go and serve and love on people. I can see your agenda is getting in the way of seeing that.

    Yes, faithful-address Corey’s concerns.

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