How Did You Celebrate the Resurrection?

We had a wonderful service this morning.  It was very simple – consisting of prayer, worship, Scripture reading, and taking the Lord’s Supper together.

The worship songs included, “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High”, “He’s Alive!”, “Forever”, “All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises”, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” and “In Christ Alone”. Intermingled in the worship we had various Scripture passages that talked about the Resurrection, ending with Luke 24:13-35 which led into the Lord’s Supper.  We also had a good time of intercessory prayer.

It was a very worshipful and God-honoring service.

How did you celebrate the Resurrection today? 


3 thoughts on “How Did You Celebrate the Resurrection?

  1. Sounds like an awesome chuch you attend. Those are some of my favorite songs. To have intercessory prayer on this special day is so blessed.

    A tradition in my own family is on Good Friday my family takes the Lord’s Supper togeather. My oldest son reads from the Bible and then we would watch a portion of a movie about His death on the cross. This year it was from The Passion of Christ. When the movie is turn off we kinda just sit in silents praying to God thanking Him for the finish work on the cross.
    The next day we spent the day planting flowers in the garden. While my youngest daughter reads from the book of John and asking question after questions about the events that took place during the last week of Jesus’ life before His death. This certainly does my heart well. To see her so passionate and hungry for the word.

    Resurrection Sunday is here and we get up early feed the livestock and see what was in our baskets. We don’t reallly talk about the Easter bunny. It is just a traditions to give Easter baskets to each other. My youngest daughter says to my youngest son “What the heck does the Easter Bunny have to do with Resurrection Sunday?” She put her hand to her mouth knowing that she shouldn’t of said “heck” but you know those times that you just can’t help but laugh.

    Then we have cinnomon rolls (another tradition) then get ready for church.
    This year was kind of odd not being with our regular church family due to our move. But we got by and became excited to see what God has for us here in our new church.

    We came home at cook and enjoyed a great meal with each other.
    This was our first Easter in the State of Texas.

  2. Cinnamon roles are my favorites! Next year I might show up at your house for breakfast! 😉

    It sounds like a great weekend.

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