2 thoughts on “New Blog on the Block

  1. nathan,
    if you dont belive god is involved in the smallest details of our lives, listen to this.
    i went to town today first i got a haircut then i went
    to sears to get a bench grinder. they were out of stock
    so i went on to lowes to pick up some fertilizer.
    while i was there i thought i would check on a grinder
    also. i parked on the far end of the parking lot close to the garden section. i walked to the other end of the store where the tools are. as i made my way i saw a familiar face close to that area. i looked at the grinder and then decided that the person was who i had supposed. it had to be……… norm fields.
    i approached him and said “norm fields?” he said yes
    do i know you. “well yes and no” “im the guy you keep hanging up on” i said. he seemed to be taken aback and
    not at all comfortable. well it was only once and
    and after you called and asked the same question 10 times. “seems that you are guilty of exaggeration
    the same thing you accuse others of” i said. he laughed and agreed. he then asked my name and i told him lee. he then asked if i watched the show last night i said that i watched only for a while. he had his daughter with him in his cart. i said what a beautiful little girl that she was. he said thank you
    and was every bit the proud father. he asked me if i was from danville and then invited me to his services
    i declined, to which he said “well i can only preach
    whats in the bible” “well thats all you can do isnt it?” i said. it was good to meet you he said.
    “well ill keep calling” i said.
    it was a pleasant conversation. he is much shorter than you would think from the show. but i would say i was mostly struck by how uncomfortable he seemed to meet someone who had disagreed with him on his show.
    i believe he was surprised that i was nice to him.
    it was no coincidence that i ran in to him, god is involved in every detail of our lives………..
    even if he has to sell every bench grinder at sears.

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