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For those of you outside the Martinsville viewing area, you can see more about Johnny Robertson and James Oldfields on youtube.  Go to the following links:

Mitch’s youtube page – featuring bits of Johnny’s December debate with Armando.  
James’s youtube page – at least we think this is James’s page.  Anyway, it has a clip of James going into a church, Dateline NBC-style.  This is classic Johnny Robertson and James Oldfield material.  



25 thoughts on “Johnny and James on

  1. These pentecostals just try to make the Bible confusing and God said He is not the author of confusion. We see the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as one probably more than these pentecostals can understand. Pentecostals like to lay burdens on people, which God also tells us NOT to lay burdens on people.

  2. So, you are saying that Pentecostals sit around their secret Pentecostal meetings and plot and plan the best way to confuse people with the Bible? Really? How Oliver Stone-ish of you.

    I do agree with you about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being three and one. I thought Armando’s weakest link was his die-hard allegiance to this “Jesus only” doctrine, and his denial of Scriptural truth regarding the triune nature of God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

    Finally, I don’t know about Pentecostals laying burdens, but I see fundamentalist CofC as being much more of a burden-laying enterprise – moreso than just about any other Christian group. You MUST do this, you MUST do that, you MUST do this and that the way WE say… etc.

    Just my two cents.


  3. Pentecostals do sit around talking about how they are the only ones who are going to heaven and preach about how the Baptits and Catholics and anyone who doesn’t got o the pentecoastal church are going to hell. Pentecostals are very arrogant ,anyone who isn’t a pentecostal they say is evil. I believe God wants spiritual fruits not religious nuts. These are false prophets that build their egos by making weird noises and stand behind the pupit and crow like roosters.

  4. I would like to hear Armando reply since he says he is so honest. Have you ever stood behind your pulpit in your moment to shine and preach these things?

  5. nathan,
    i called in and asked johnny about the way he seemed to
    say the holy ghost is not equal to the father and the son.
    how do you think i did?
    i think i did very well …… he couldnt realy answer me but he
    did try to run down some rabbit trails and put words in my mouth. it was forceful and correct……. felt great

  6. lee,

    Great job! That’s one of the reasons this blog exists, to give us all the tools to help us in discussion with Johnny & company. Not for the sake of “winning”, but for the sake of getting to the truth of what they teach. To put it their way, “to EXPOSE what they teach”. 😉

    Keep up the good work, lee!


    dude what heck is your problem with Pentecostals?
    You nevered answered my question in the other blog. Lets debate on another blog were we are able to, beat me in the debate then talk about Pentecostals but untile then quit crying and answer my question

    Were they in the upper room in Acts 2:1-4?

  8. Truth:

    I agree with david. If there is another blog where you’ve been discussing Pentecostals, let’s keep that conversation there. On this blog, we discuss the teachings and television ministries of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James O.


  9. I could care less about debating. I’m just telling what they are really about from first hand experience. There are other people and families who have had parts of there lives ruined because of these pentecostals. I think its terrible for them to take a young person who is vulnerable and make them turn away from their own good parents and families and make them believe the people who love them are evil. I think it is definitely something people need to be made aware of.

  10. TRUTH

    Certainly you aren’t saying that “taking away” vulnerable young people and brainwashing them is a common practice among Pentecostals, because if that is what you are claiming, then it is simply not true.

    Perhaps at some point such a thing has happened, but you can probably find occurances of such things in just about any religious group – including Churches of Christ.

    What did Jesus say in John 8:2-11 about casting stones?


  11. Hello TRUTH,

    Those are big claims to say that every person that attends a Pentecostal church is trying to brainwash everybody. I myself know some Pentecostals/Charismatics i know firsthand they are not trying to so that. They are truly on fire for Christ. I don’t agree with some of their doctrine but I am also sure that Jesus has His followers there. That is not to say that their are some that aren’t. Like Nathan said, all branches of Christianity have them.

  12. I’m not saying it is a common practice but given the opportunity yes, I know from experience that alot of these exteme pentecostals will. I’m not saying they don’t think they are following Jesus, alot of people do wrong things in the name of Jesus/God. About casting stones, that is a common practice among some of these pentecostal churches, they will bash other churches and anybody who isn’t a pentecostal.

  13. Truth: that was probaly the church you went to who knows but Im a young person Im 16 years old so if you think there brainwashing me well……………….. your wrong

    by the way did you ever speak in tongues (dont lie)

  14. “Pentecostals do sit around talking about how they are the only ones who are going to heaven and preach about how the Baptits and Catholics and anyone who doesn’t got o the pentecoastal church are going to hell. Pentecostals are very arrogant ,anyone who isn’t a pentecostal they say is evil. I believe God wants spiritual fruits not religious nuts. These are false prophets that build their egos by making weird noises and stand behind the pupit and crow like roosters.”

    Truth first of all your hate will take you to hell and if i am wrong than pray you cant make it to heaven neither can i if you hate people. For if you dont love people according to the bible you dont know Christ. So, get off of the hate game.

    Truth i will reply and if you need to get a lesson in the Word of God.

    What is the Fathers Name —- LORD

    What is the Sons Name ——— Jesus

    What is the Holy Ghost Name—— Christ the anoited one.

    So Truth the simplistic form of Baptism is in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST>

    Truth you have been hurt by pentecostals and i could use that excuse as well. But, truth is truth . The bible says is now when the true Worshippers will worship in Spirit and in Truth. The Apostles preached truth and i dont know about you but, thats the doctrine i follow. So, if that offends you i am sorry your mad at God.

    Nathan i am just responding i hope i dont offend you.You have been kind to me. Thanks alot.

    Oh yeah all of the you tube thing just another way of Mitch and JOhnny splicing the debate but, we will be putting our own together in the love of God.

    My email again is Truth debate me with love if you dare.

  15. Armando, Since you say you speak in tongue just like they did on the day of pentecost then how come nobody can hear nothing but weird sounds you want to make and the bible says everyone in every tongue could understand what the disciples where saying in their OWN TONGUE(language). And also cloven tongues appeared like fire, thats never happened either when you spoke in tonue has it. I’m not saying miracles don’t happen but I am saying and so does the bible that there are false prophets who claim to do these things. And I don’t hate you or other pentecostals you don’t know me, I pray for you.

  16. Please do excuse my typing I’m not perfect ,by mocking small errors Armando that shows how arrogant you really are.

  17. You guys know I am happy to have you all on the blog, and I appreciate your on-topic discussions.

    Would Truth or David like to give the URL of the blog where the Pentecostal debates are going on? Remember, we’re discussing Church of Christ doctrine here, not Pentecostal doctrine. Let’s keep focus!


  18. Nathan I do apologize for going off topic. I just feel very strongly about this and think it is something people need to be aware of. Like I said I don’t have hate for them I just think some things they are doing are wrong and want to have a voice about it. I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to come on here.

  19. TRUTH,

    I appreciate that, and understand your passion, and I don’t mind it happening to a point here. But as has been said, there are other places where folks can have such discussions.

    If you want to provide the link to the board where you and David were having your discussion, I’m sure some of the folks who frequent this blog would enjoy going over and seeing what you are discussing. Armando would probably be happy to join you there to continue your discussion.

    Thanks for understanding my POV,

  20. Boy, I used the word “discussion” too much in that comment, didn’t I?

  21. Truth

    why are you asking the same question you asked me I told you why and you didnt answer my question what makes you think your going to debate Armando when you did not want to debate a 16 year old but yet your trying to debate a more wiser man than me.

    good luck

  22. To everyone the church of christ doctrine is this . They first of all, deny the power of God. The scripture is clear

    “they have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof from such turn away”.

    Johnny will not debate me on baptism because he is stuck on Miracles Johnny lied when i first came down it was to be on baptism first then speaking in tongues next than miracles so, what you are seeing is a man that speaks not full truth..

    I will be glad to respond to any one in this particular forum if you want you can email me at i do not like to disrespect Nathan here . They have a purpose here and so do i so if you need to debate me, Truth or any one you can email me.

    David i appreciate your defense and Nathan i will respect your area. God bless

  23. The church of Christ does not deny the power that we read about in the first century. Only that it happenens today like it did back then. Why did you not come with a display of power instead of stories and testamonies? No where in the bible did a man come town with words only and expect people to listen .

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