4 thoughts on “Shawn Paden

  1. I find him quite funny actually. Its hard to believe that in todays world, some are so clueless and ignorant on the historic christian faith. “Presbyterian church is the church of Knox not the church of Christ”……simply priceless.


  2. I love post #418 at topix. What a thinly veiled attempt to repeat what he’s already said over and over and over…

  3. I’ve talk to Shawn a coulple of times he seemed like a nice guy well I guess with me he is. What is Shawn to the CROC os he a pastor , teacher what is he can anyone tell me.

  4. To David Jenkins,

    Well, for one thing he is not a pastor (shepherd). He may be an hireling. (John 10: 12-13)

    He will tell you himself. He says he is a preacher not a pastor.


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