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We’ve recently been visited by a Church of Christ man named David Hersey, who came to discuss the CofC doctrine of silence.  He also put a link to a site for Church of Christ folks, and out of curiosity, I went and poked around a bit.   Here is the link for their main board:

Now, initially, poking around, I thought that the folks posting sounded like believers from any tradition or background.  They are encouraging one another, challenging one another, praying for one another.  Good stuff!  Then I found two links that caught my eye.  The first one was just made a couple of days ago.  It’s entitled:

Support Needed for Danville, Va

Well, guess who? It’s our old friend, Norm Fields, trying to drum up support from the faithful for his broadcast!  It was ironic that he just made his first posting to this forum, so close to the date of my first visit.  Asking for support (financial, I assume), no less! We’ll have to keep our eye on his posts there.

The second forum that caught my attention was called:

Open Doors UK 

Now, this is a particularly interesting series of comments. Let me set the stage: this poor, unsuspecting person posts the link of Open Doors, an organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide, onto the forum for fundamentalist Churches of Christ. IMMEDIATELY, like sharks smelling blood, the good men started pummeling the original poster. You can almost smell his perplexity as he is questioned by these CofC men and the Open Doors ministry criticized (he’s probably NEVER heard Christians criticizing a ministry like Open Doors before). In the end, they lock the thread and invite the man to have a “Bible study” – which is Johnny and company’s way of starting the indoctrination process. If it wasn’t so sad, and disheartening, then it would almost be funny.

Below is Open Doors’ website, by the way. They look like a great organization.

Open Doors UK

Anyway, anyone who is interested in our discussions regarding the teachings of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields, and James Oldsfield should pop over there and take a look. It’s an education.



8 thoughts on “Church of Christ Forum

  1. This is Norm Fields. LOL.

    Do a google on Norm Fields….and you might find some more names in Georgia too. These man are funny at times.

  2. Well, from what I can tell it’s not Norm’s site, but he apparently happened upon it and posted a comment regarding the need for support.


  3. That is another scary site. I used to participate regularly on preachersfiles but was kicked off for no long believing in their disturbing legalistic doctrines. Now, they would not claim they would kick someone off for simply disagreeing but they ask you to provide scriptural support for your statements and beliefs. Problem is, the only interpretation that will work……is there own.

    You want some lively discussion, head over to The issue on musical instruments has well over 700 comments

  4. maybe not Norms, but that same legalistic teachings, so it could be called his….

    I will check out the link above too

  5. I have question, i don’t understand the Trinity, can please explain to me how come 3 can be 1??

  6. Hi Mozza,

    That’s a pretty tall order. I’m not sure what it has to do with the discussions going on here – however. There are many good websites out there that discuss the Trinity. I can refer you to a couple, found after a simple Google search: (rather long – but comprehensive)

    I think most of the regular posters here see God in terms of being Father, Son and Holy Spirit – or as we call that relationship – the Trinity. So, I’d rather not our get sidetracked getting into that discussion unless it somehow applies to the subject at hand.

    Blog Admin

  7. Robert, maybe you should ask Corey and the others to come on here under “ behold the pattern” and lets all discuss from here.

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