Jason Hairston’s Blog Finally Taken Offline

“Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.”  2 Corinthians 8:21 

It’s taken Johnny Robertson and company several months to do, but Jason Hairston’s old blog has finally been taken offline.  You can still see the link on the blogs of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield, but it now goes to a “website currently unavailable” page.

Are they finally acknowledging that Jason has stopped teaching their doctrine?  They’ve tap danced around his leaving for such a long time, and we’ve talked about it here on this blog several times, and we’re still waiting for an explanation of what happened.  I figure we’ll never get that.  I still contend that Johnny owes the community an explanation for Jason’s leaving considering that he spent hours and hours preaching to us each week, but I can understand if Johnny wants to hush it up and pin it on Jason as some sort of failure on his part.  After all, Johnny has an image to keep up with supporters like Shawn Paden!

Speaking of Shawn, if you go over and look at the website for Royse City Church of Christ you’ll see that Shawn still a very prominent link up to an article that Jason wrote about Baptists and the Church of Christ.  But, according to sources close to Jason, he doesn’t believe what he taught when he wrote that article.  And yet, Shawn keeps it up.  Interesting!  Not quite honest, but interesting nonetheless. 

So, readers of this blog, because we don’t know what’s happened to Jason (thanks for nothing, Johnny), let’s all agree to be praying for him, that he would find true freedom in Christ, and that he wouldn’t forsake his First Love. (Rev 2:4)

And Jason, if you ever read this blog, know that we really are praying for you, friend!



12 thoughts on “Jason Hairston’s Blog Finally Taken Offline

  1. “Now, you need to understand that my thoughts on this are not clear,”

    I think this statement says it all. You are making unfounded accusations that you can not back up. Let’s see who else did that ? The devil. Looks like you are doing his work.

  2. Faithful,

    My accusations aren’t unfounded. I’m just not willing to name my sources. The reason my “thoughts… are not clear” is that Johnny, Norm and/or James don’t have the courage to come on the air and admit that everything’s not as calm and peaceful in the churches where they teach as they’ve been leading us to believe.

    If they’d stop tap-dancing around the issue and just come out with the truth (What does Johnny’s website say? “No one else will take on the issues”? Well, he’s tried to sweep this issue right under the rug) then he might have a little bit of fallout, but it would ultimately diffuse the situation. As it is, it appears to everyone who has been paying attention that there is more to this situation than meets the idea.

    C’mon, Johnny! You owe the community the truth about what happened between you and Jason. Or did nothing happen between the two of you? We just don’t know for certain because you won’t say. And before you claim it’s a private matter or nobody’s business, once more I’ll say that it IS, because Jason was coming into our living rooms each week teaching your doctrine, and we deserve to know why he stopped.

    The really ironic part is if you consider how they would respond if this happened with a preacher in one of their rival churches. We’d be hearing about it from now until the cows came home, and they definitely wouldn’t accept the “private matter” excuse. How do you spell “double standard”?

    As Shawn Paden likes to say, “Consistency, thou art a jewel”.


  3. I think Nathan meant by the statement that YOU guys are hiding the truth. You know Jason doesnt belong with your camp any longer and not just that… he doesnt even hold to the teachings that you claim to be truth.

  4. Jason and Johnny had words and Jason told Johnny that he-Johnny was the God of the Martinsville church and there is much more too. Norm, James and Johnny know the truth and are down playing it as if Jason left on good terms. Per Jason ( he said he regrets the day he met Johnny! ) He knows now how sectarian that Johnny really is and he-Johnny controls James and Norm too………remember James… that day Johnny told you to go back and call a certain preacher a coward…you’re very words to me was “ Johnny told me to go back and call him a coward” . Johnny has you guys so brainwashed you cant even think for yourself. He has even fussed at you guys like he is your boss or something.

    And remember them tent meetings where Johnny brags about how they visited thousands of people …ask Johnny how many time he took part of this …..and just last week he boasted on how his people always came out during the tent meetings for a month straight………he failed to say that if they don’t they have this flyer put out each Sunday and if you don’t attend they make mention of that in the flyers stating that everyone wasn’t there that could have been…….they pressure their folks into this and the long faces in his church is evident of how it is to be under such bondage. I feel so bad for these folks….they are not free in Christ at all………..but slaves to the system of Johnny.

  5. “C’mon, Johnny! You owe the community the truth about what happened between you and Jason. Or did nothing happen between the two of you? We just don’t know for certain because you won’t say. And before you claim it’s a private matter or nobody’s business, once more I’ll say that it IS, because Jason was coming into our living rooms each week teaching your doctrine, and we deserve to know why he stopped.

    It seems that if Johnny has to clear it up your sources really aren’t very good. It also seems that if Jason was the one who stopped coming to your house he would be the one to ask.

  6. I have asked Jason – in the same way that I asked Johnny here. I’ve invited Jason to come onto the blog and give his story. I’ve invited Johnny to give his story. It doesn’t have to be Johnny – Norm or James would be welcomed to speak out as well.

    The point is that NOBODY will tell the community why Jason left, and that is unacceptable, especially if it has to do with Jason not adhering to the doctrine any longer.

    faithful, if you are in the know, please feel free to share what happened with us.

  7. Faithful knows and is trying to pick us to see how much we really know. Faithful, why dont you just email Jason yourself; his email is still active and he still replies. The good thing is that the people who once replied to him now know the truth………so maybe you could try that “faithful” or go visit him….you know where he lives I am quite sure, seeing he lives just a hop and skip from Johnnys daughter.

  8. Pernell, Again you assume things that just are not true. I have no idea where he lives. Although I think I still have his email and will try. I do know that Jason is welcome to return. Johnny told him he could leave his books and things at the building if he liked. It seems to me you all want to make this into something that it is not. Maybe because you have no real argument that will hold water as they say.

  9. Greetings. I bring fire stolen from the gods.

    I know what happened to Jason. The details are so dramatic that they put a soap opera to shame!

    I contacted Johnny Robertson sometime ago with some questions, and instead of getting answers, I received some of Johnny’s psychological acrobatics. I then contacted Jason (who was preaching at the time) and he honestly admitted that he could not answer the questions. At this point, I knew that Jason was not one of them; he displayed a level of honesty that is clearly absent in the other COC preachers. Since then, he and I have become better aquainted, and he has told me what really transpired.

    Johnny has told his supporters that Jason could not ‘carry the load’ and that is why he left the COC, but that is far from the truth. The truth of the matter is he refused to submit to the rule of Robertson, and knew that to do such in the company of a brain-washed congregation meant that he would ultimately be fired. He just out maneuvered the enemy by resigning and getting a job elsewhere.

    It is quite amusing to see Johnny, James and Norm struggle to hide the WHOLE truth of the situation. And believe me, there is more. For instance, several people left the Martinsville COC as a result of this misfortunate event. Why would they do that? Leaving because Jason couldn’t carry the load? Interesting. There is also the fact that Johnny tried to frame Jason as having an inappropriate relationship with one of the women at the church. Though Johnny never came out and accused them of anything sinful (like sex), he certainly tried to imply it. This woman is a widow in her forties; if Jason wanted a relationship with her, he had every right to pursue it. Johnny constructed this malicious tale in order to hide the real reason for Jason’s departure and to scare the lady into not causing a church split. This lady withstood Johnny to the face, and no longer attends with MCOC.

    This whole fiasco would make for a great book, but Jason has no desire to stir up an already stinking pot of gossip and sin. Give it time, and things will come to light.

    If any would like to contact me, my email address is luv4truth@yahoo.com.

  10. Did you ever think that maybe Jason has finally come to his senses,and sees how evil Johnny is. JR is a home wrecker,breaks up families,and yes a cult man. He doesn’t preach the word of God, he is to busy running down other churches, and sticking his nose in other peoples personal lives. I can’t understand how those people can be so brainwashed. I have tried to contact JR.He doesn’t return my calls, e-mail, or letter. He is full of hotair.

  11. Claudine,

    I know that Johnny can raise some pretty emotional responses, but I would ask you to refrain from using such strong language here. Remember that we are looking to be a place for civil discourse, and while I can sense your strong feelings, I need to ask that you to keep that in mind.

    If you would like to comment on some aspect of what Johnny teaches (or James Oldfield or Norm Fields for that matter), or his (or their) methodology, then I would welcome those sorts of thoughts.

    Thank you for your cooperation,


    Blog Master
    – or-
    Grand Pooh Bah of the Blog

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