Shawn is Permabanned


Shawn Paden, so-called “Gospel Preacher” is now officially permabanned from this blog.  I will leave up his old comments so you can get an idea why – although his current round of several comments have been deleted because he was out of control, and was complete and utter spam.  Not that he has been defending his doctrine here, but if he ever wants to, he’ll have to make a public apology for his behavior, and promise to not behave in such a manner again.

Just so everyone knows, over at, Shawn has resorted to mockery in his attempts to goad me into having a discussion on infant baptism.  I don’t mind having such a discussion, in fact, I’d enjoy it.  But, Shawn won’t agree to two simple and reasonable ground rules.  They are summed up thus:

1)  No trolling
2)  No spamming 

His last message to me concerning my unwillingness to discuss the topic without his agreement to these rules reads like this:

“***boo hoo*** I won’t respond until you submit to my rules.***boo hoo***”:(“

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back – and in baseball lingo, “He’s outta here!” 

Why can’t we find a fundamentalist Church of Christ preacher/evangelist who is willing to have a decent discussion about their doctrine?  The one who will come and talk with us resorts to childish eighth-grade playground behavior and gets himself permabanned.  NOT for the content of his arguments – but for his behavior and lack of respect for his discussion opponent.  Personally, if I were a member of Shawn’s church (Royse City Church of Christ), I would be greatly ashamed of my preacher’s behavior. 

And all of this came after I tried to extend a conciliatory hand to Shawn, where I even admitted that I had allowed myself to get drawn in, and had also resorted to immaturity. Did Shawn acknowledge that gesture? Did he admit to his own faults? Go to and read, and you’ll see.

By the way, Shawn’s behavior has caused me to change my avatar here at the blog.  The reason?  The person who’s picture you see has a great quote that sums up how I will be responding to Shawn now over at  Can anyone hazard a guess as to what that quote might be? 


18 thoughts on “Shawn is Permabanned

  1. Do not hold your breath waiting for an apology. Most legalists I have encountered will never repent or admit wrongdoing. Clearly his bickering does not edify anyone, including his God.

    That is why there is no use in debating them. Remember, they have all the answers and they actually believe they will be the only ones in heaven.

  2. Shawn apparently doesn’t “get it”. The feature on wordpress that lets you catch permabanned people’s posts before they are published caught several attempts he made today to post.

    He is quite the spammer, and troll. Here’s one of the things he tried to post:

    “Nathan ran from the infant baptism debate like a chicken runs from KFC.


    Nathan, are you a homo Presbyterian?”

    How’s that for behavior? This guy’s a real piece of work. And since Shawn and Johnny Robertson are so close, it makes me wonder if Johnny would stoop to these sorts of dirty tactics if he ever screwed up the courage to come over here and debate.

    We may never know!


  3. I wish you could see his spam. He keeps posting and posting, but I suppose that he doesn’t realize that nobody will see it but me! It’s actually kind of funny.

    Over at topix, he’s now riding the homosexual railroad. He doesn’t realize it will get him nowhere. This guy’s such a piece of work.


  4. Im willing to debate with any one about the bible. I preach and am a member of the church of Christ. I saw the comment towards the church being Shawns church. The church Belongs to Christ Matt16:16. I cant say I have all the answers but I do know what God requires of us to be saved. Only Christ’s church will reach heaven but the church is not called the church of Christ thats its description. The bibles calls the church by other names, such as the church of Christ, church of God, church, church of the first born. So why call His church by any other name, Acts4:12 by no other name can one attain salvation. The church is not a building acts17:24, the church is married to Christ Eph5. What do you want to debate on???

  5. Hi Manie,

    Glad to have you visit and I appreciate your offer to discuss doctrine. Before I go there, let me say this.

    When I wrote “Shawn’s Church”, I didn’t mean that it is the church that Shawn owns, it means that it is the church that Shawn attends and where he preaches.

    For example, if my Uncle John was a professor at the University of North Carolina, I might say, “I want to attend Uncle John’s university”. It doesn’t mean he owns the university.

    Or another example, if my brother Tom is a waiter at The Olive Garden, and I’m going out to eat, I could say “I’m going to eat at Tom’s restaurant”, and there would be no confusion about whether or not he owned the place.

    I’ve heard this from CofC folks so often… it’s one of those things that CofC folks need to understand about the way folks in other denominations speak.


    By the way, I know that you don’t refer to yourself as a “denomination”, but I do. No insult intended. We can discuss this later if you’d like.

  6. I love how these men love debating so much….maybe Manie can debate the Lords Supper as to why it MUST be taken each and every Sunday, seeing Shawn and nobody else has proven this yet………or whatever you wish to debate Manie on will be good for us all to read……..


  7. “well thats the craziest thing i ever heard”
    i think thats what groucho said.
    nathan since you have my email,drop me a line when you
    get time

  8. I love your sarcasm. I do read the word of God and understand it for He made SIMPLE for all to understand. By no means do I have my own personal interpretation Pet 1:20. Acts 20 stablishes the Lord Supper beeing observed on Sunday. Simple enough! Aslo, find one example were any of the apostles called the church their church or my church, even thoght thats the way people speak now adays, it does not mean that the statment is correct. The church of Christ is not its name but its description. The church that belong to Christ. Acts 4:11-12. I do realize that no matter what scripture i show you, you will still believe that it is wrong. The scriptures say what it says, 1Cor 1:13, 1Cor 4:5, 1Tim 6:3. Read these scriptures. Good bye

  9. Hi Manie,

    No sarcasm intended. I apologize if my answer came across as sarcastic.

    Let me respond to your comments:

    You said, “By no means do I have my own personal interpretation.”

    Are you reading the Bible in the original Greek? If not, what version do you read? It really doesn’t matter, as you are already reading someone else’s interpretation. But even if you are reading it in the original Greek, you are still forced to make a personal interpretation from time to time, as words have different meanings. No two translations will come out the same for this very reason.

    You said: “I do realize that no matter what scripture i show you, you will still believe that it is wrong.”

    I need to correct you on this – I don’t think it’s “wrong” to follow your convictions that you need to do something from Scripture – for example, taking the Lord’s Supper each first day of the week. If God has given you that conviction, then by all means, follow it! But, I do think it is wrong when people (like the men this blog is dedicated to observing) tell people that they know who is and who isn’t really saved – based on something like not taking the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week.

    You said:
    “Aslo, find one example were any of the apostles called the church their church or my church, even thoght thats the way people speak now adays, it does not mean that the statment is correct.”

    I understand what you mean here – it is not authorized that we are to do that, and so that is why you think that it is incorrect to label things that way. That’s fine – again, if you have those convictions, then follow those convictions. I personally don’t follow the “speak where the Bible speaks, be silent where the Bible is silent” philosophy. I think that it is potentially a dangerous philosophy that can become something that binds rather than helping people find freedom.

    That being said, you need to know that I believe the Bible to be the Word of God – inspired by God – essentially written by God for us through the hands of the authors. So, this isn’t a lack of respect for the Word. In fact, it’s a hope that the Word is not misused out of fear or a desire to make sure every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted.

    Hoping you’ll stay on and continue discussing,

  10. It looks as though Shawn as finally gotten the message that his attempts to spam this site will not succeed. It’s been several days since he’s hit me with anything.

    And here’s a clue as to “the quote” – it was also used by a later WB animated character.

    Sola Dei Gloria,

  11. ding ding ding ding ding

    A kewpie doll for the man in the blue hat, and a plush Yoda doll for the lady with the dog and cats.

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