STOP THE PRESSES! James Oldfield’s Blog Updated!

James O 

It looks like James read our blog and took our advice.  His blog has now been updated to include a critique of the Seventh Day Adventists who recently backed out of a debate, and an article about John Hagee, with a clip from a show back in December.  You don’t need to watch the clip – it was pretty dull, and unless you are a fan of John Hagee, it will be meaningless to you.

And the best news?  James got a visit from our blog’s very own personal troll, Shawn Paden, where he told James:

“I am being bested by that guy over at ‘’!  Tell Johnny I need help!  I tried leaving Johnny a message on his blog, but he never updates the thing! Tell him this: “Send in the CofC marines and special forces!”

Ha.  Just kidding.  He left James a very sweet little note.  Oh, if only he’d leave me sweet little notes rather than his insidious trolling and spam, my life would be complete.

So, well done, James!  Way to take our advice and start to catch up to Norm.  Now, if Johnny Robertson would get the lead out, you three might have some blogs to be proud of! 


4 thoughts on “STOP THE PRESSES! James Oldfield’s Blog Updated!

  1. Actually, I’m not really interested in discussing Adventists.

    Keep in mind that this blog exists to discuss the teachings of Johnny Robertson, James Oldfield, Norm Fields and Shawn Paden.

    If others have something to comment on this link, feel free, however. Let’s just not let it get out of control.

    Thanks, Eric.


  2. “Actually, I’m not really interested in discussing Adventists. ”

    This statement is proof that doctrine is not the subject of this site but personal attacks toward personallities. Most of which take place on company time .

  3. So, that little hidden camera I found in the vent belongs to you, faithful? I wondered how you knew what I was doing on company time. What company is it again?

    The stated objective of this site, which I’ve mentioned time and time again, is the discussion of the teachings and work of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields, James Oldfield, and anyone else who teaches their doctrine. It’s not a “religion blog”, where we discuss anything and everything (like Adventists or Armando Deloa), it’s where we discuss the teachings of the fundamentalist Church of Christ preachers in our area, and those like them.

    What personal attacks have been given? Actually, I’ve been deleting several anti-Johnny comments that have been put on this site, because that is not what this site is all about.

    (Could that person please stop posting those, by the way? It’s pretty annoying!)

    If Johnny or the others would come over and discuss with us, we’d have better discussions. Otherwise, I’m sure it seems pretty one-sided.


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