Being Spammed and Trolled by Shawn Paden

spamFor the last several days, I’ve been attempting to discuss doctrinal issues with a fundamentalist Church of Christ pastor by the name of Shawn Paden over on the “Topix” forum.  Shawn has apparently been arguing with folks over there for some time, and I decided to see if I could engage him in a neutral setting, and have something productive come of it.

The result has been that this blog has come under attack by Shawn – and he’s engaged in some sort of campaign of spamming and trolling.  His intention is certainly to annoy and disrupt, but that’s okay.  Often people strike out when they feel threatened, and apparently Shawn has felt threatened by something that has been brought up in the discussion.  As I wrote over at Topix, such actions really don’t do anything but demonstrate a lack of maturity, and a fundamental flaw in the strength of a person’s arguments – and maybe character.

So, I’ve decided to let Shawn’s spamming and trolling remain for the time being.  Mainly because Shawn is a fundamentalist Church of Christ pastor – and he and his church are big financial supporters of the television broadcasts beamed into our area by Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield.   That’s the really hard part for me realize – that this man who is actually spamming this blog, gets up on Sunday morning and teaches an assembly of believers.  And they look to him as an authority!  Stunning.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I am going to continue participating over at Topix, because it’s descended into a kid’s shoving match (I don’t think this is what Christ meant when he said we should become like little children).  I’ve got to think about it.  And we’ll see how long Shawn’s spamming and trolling campaign continues here.  It might disrupt things for a little while, but it’ll be a primo example of the character of a leader of the fundamentalist Churches of Christ.  

Thanks for helping me make my argument, Shawn!



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