A Very Good Church of Christ Blog


A very interesting Church of Christ blog.  Now, this Church of Christ group I can fellowship with – or, I should say, they would probably fellowship with me! 

5 thoughts on “A Very Good Church of Christ Blog

  1. I attended college for a semester at Rochester College (affiliated w/ the CoC) and attended the church he preaches at (though he did not preach there at the time). Your perception is correct. Mutual fellowship does exist and praise the Lord for that.

    Ithaca Church of Christ
    Ithaca, NY

  2. Good to know, Rex!

    Again, we always want to emphasize here that our beef isn’t with the Church of Christ in general, but with these three men (four if you count Shawn Paden and Royce City CofC), and their legalistic, judgmental attitudes towards their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (who they would deny as their fellow brothers and sisters).

    We are thrilled to find Biblical Churches of Christ that recognize that the Church of Christ is a universal body made up of folks who love the Lord from all different traditions.

  3. Thanks! You are welcome at Rochester Church anytime. God bless you and give you long lives in His service.

  4. I just stumbled onto your blog. Wow.

    I think there are probably more congregations of the Church of Christ that would fellowship you than you may realize.

    Patrick’s blog is a great place to start though.

    As you have discovered legalism is ugly.

  5. Hi dannydodd,

    We’re glad to have you on board. I really hope that the folks trapped in the bindings of legalism (especially the folks who sit under the teachings of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield) will read messages like yours, and visit websites like Patrick’s, to see that there are strong, committed followers of Jesus who don’t live in judgment of everyone else the way their teachers do at the Martinsville, Danville and Reidsville Churches of Christ.

    I look forward to your contributions!


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