Shawn’s Gone… Part Deux

Can you believe it?  Shawn’s gone and gotten himself banned from ANOTHER blog.   

Now, if this is the way that a man who supports Johnny Robertson and company acts, how would Johnny, Norm or James act? I would guess the apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree.

It’s a pity, because Shawn missed a great opportunity to let folks know what he teaches and why he teaches it. Instead, he went all obstinate on us. I would say that THIS shows folks EXACTLY what he teaches. The “why”? That I don’t know.

To Shawn: 

I appreciate you taking the time to respond on this blog. However, I made it very clear that if you aren’t going to participate in the discussion, and if you are going to continue bringing up the same point over and over without discussion, it would be considered trolling and you would be banned from the blog.

Consider yourself banned.

If you’d like to appeal the ban, I’m open to it. But, you know the rules – no trolling, and good above-the-belt discussion. Meanwhile, any comments you make after this will be deleted as swiftly as I can get to it each day.

Now, would anyone else like to have a civil, adult discussion? 



5 thoughts on “Shawn’s Gone… Part Deux

  1. I thought I would let people know the dirty debating tricks we so often use. This is only a few that are mostly used and wonder how many Shawn used in our discussion…almost them all

    Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth
    This can be highly effective, and very convincing, if you know your subject material well, and are a good speaker.

    Lie By Omission and Half-Truths
    This is also known as Suppressed Evidence.
    This one is more subtle. It has the advantage that you can’t get caught in a lie, because everything that you say is true. You just happily fail to mention all of those bothersome little facts that do not support your point of view. Should a critic point out one of those annoying undesired facts, you can at least feign innocent ignorance, or claim that the fact is really just an unimportant, trivial detail, not worth mentioning.

    You don’t blatantly lie; you just stretch the truth a good bit. This also has the advantage that even if you get caught at it, you can always argue that you were telling the truth, and it’s all a matter of degree, and people just got the wrong impression, or took it the wrong way…

    Straw Man
    The Straw Man technique is a stunt where you prop up an easy-to-defeat opponent, like a Straw Man, and then attack him and knock him down, to make yourself look big, strong, and victorious.

    Hypnotic Bait and Switch

    The Either/Or Technique — Bifurcation — the Excluded Middle
    Present the audience with only extreme either/or, black-or-white choices, while admitting to no gray areas inbetween. Consider only the two extremes in a range of possibilities, to make the “other side” look worse than it really is. Carl Sagan called this the “excluded middle” technique.

    Play On Emotions, Appeal To Emotions
    We have lots of emotions that can be manipulated: Fear, lust for power, hope, pride, vanity, egotism, insecurity, ambition, machismo, “patriotism”, greed, love, loneliness


    Confuse your listeners with contradictory, illogical, or incomprehensible jabber:

    Answer A Question That Was Not Asked (To Avoid Answering One That Was Asked)

    Ask the same question over and over

    Answer a Question With A Question

    Do not — simply do not — answer your opponent’s question. Immediately counter-attack with another question that may or may not be relevant to the subject under discussion.

    Hit And Run
    Launch an attack on your opponent, and then run away before your opponent can counter-attack or ask you to prove your accusations.

    Laugh It Off
    When somebody says something that you don’t like, just laugh it off. Refuse to take it seriously. Imply that whatever your opponent just said is silly, absurd, ridiculous, brain-damaged, or just awfully darned funny.

    Dominate the Conversation, Talk Non-Stop, and Interrupt Constantly
    Just never quit talking, never let up, never give your opponent a chance to get a word in edgewise. Even shout and scream to drown out the voice of your opponent.

    Nit-Pick and Split Hairs
    This is easy to understand. Everybody knows what nit-picking is:
    “Hah! You misspelled some words! That totally blows your credibility. Now I’m not going to believe anything else you say.”

    Quibble over irrelevant tiny details, quibble over the definitions of words, quibble over anything you can find that will divert attention from your opponent’s points.
    Obtuseness — Refuse to See the Point
    Just stubbornly refuse to see your opponent’s points, no matter how good his arguments may be. When an opponent makes a point, just ignore it and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Pretend that you didn’t hear it; do not in any way recognize that it even exists.

    Spin Doctoring
    Often, how people take the news depends on how you present it.

    Ad Hominem, Launch Personal Attacks On Opponents
    When you can’t refute factual arguments, kill the messenger. Have fun with character assassination. Attack the arguer and not the argument. Ad Hominem includes slurs, slander, libel, innuendo, baseless accusations, irrelevant criticism, groundless denunciations, and calling names.

    Engage in Name Calling
    This technique is simple and obvious: you just call your opponents names, preferably really derogatory and slanderous names, like this:
    “You are a drunkard, etc…”

  2. Still waiting on you to come on here for all to see a debate without the dirty tactic you use. I will do better than call you. I will visit you Shawn !

    Tell Steve W. I said hello 🙂

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