Potentially Good Debate Going On…

Well, just like Johnny and company had to go all the way to Los Angeles to find a good sparring partner, our friend Randy has had to go all the way to Texas, because Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield refuse to grace our blogs with their presence.  Why are they hiding in the shadows?  (LOL)

A Church of Christ pastor (who supports the efforts of our three TV hosts) by the name of Shawn Paden is interacting with us over on Randy’s blog, and so I’d invite folks to wander on over there if you haven’t already and see what’s going on.


Any thoughts on the recent programs, by the way?  


13 thoughts on “Potentially Good Debate Going On…

  1. Its sad the guys here will not do as Shawn. Shawn is doing just as I thought, using the same arguments they all use….its almost funny at times…..I knew the Coke and hamburgar argument would come up at some point…..the fact is they still havent proven that one must keep the sabbath…oops, I mean their Sunday.

    I have posted something else from a ex church of Christ preacher and I would like all to read and give some input……this is one of my friends and I will drop the Lords supper talk for now to move on to this, seeing my friend is starting to think otherwise about the bible….please read and comment

  2. Shawn and I are still emailing behind the blogs and he is attacking me-not doctrine. Pointing out my PAST problems with drinking beer and trashing me for my bad spelling and typo’s and even bringing my dad into the picture….very Christ like isnt he. This is childish and not of God at all. Once Johnny told me “when a person cant defend their doctrine-they resort to attacking the person” strange Shawn would support someone who would say this about him 🙂

  3. Armando is the coin as Johnny—just the other side of the coin. They both think they have doctrine down to some degree others dont….

  4. As “churchesofchrist” said, they are two sides of the same coin. Both claim exclusive salvation for those who follow their narrow interpretations of Scripture.

    However, Armando certainly demonstrated a more Christlike spirit and attitude while debating Johnny. This is why I declared Armando the victor in that debate.

    It was a shame, because I actually agreed more with Johnny most of the time, but his terrible attitude kept knocking him back.

    If Armando had debated Norm, it might have been a different outcome, seeing that Norm is the smartest and most well-spoken of the CofC on-air personalities in this area.


  5. David:

    Like Johnny, I tend to be a bit cynical about the more charismatic churches, and so I do think that Johnny’s desire for churches that make certain claims (miracles, healings, etc) to prove themselves is valid.

    However, I don’t agree with Johnny that the gifts have all ceased, and I think that his MO to get a charismatic on the air and challenge them to heal isn’t the right way to go. Armando handled this well, saying, in essence, that he isn’t the one to do the miracle, God is.

    I also agree with Johnny about the Trinity. Since Armando had handled himself so well the other days, I was waiting to see if he could convince me about his perspective on the trinity, and he didn’t.

    I really do appreciate lots about the Churches of Christ – especially the more moderate ones. I think even the fundamentalists like Johnny and company have a place – they call us back to know why we believe what we say we believe. They could handle it in a more Christlike manner, but I suppose that would make them more insidious.

    Anyway, long answer.

  6. Hi David,

    Keep in mind that this blog exists to discuss the teachings of the Church of Christ, specifically those of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield (and now Shawn Paden). I don’t want to go off on a rabbit trail about the Trinity, because to me it’s a non-issue.

    That being said, I’m glad to discuss it in a limited fashion.

    As to “john”, why are you so concerned about who he is? Who are any of us?


  7. Oh i am so sorry. I am really interested in know how you all beleive i know Johnny Robertson is cunning. I have watched his debates and find them very disturbing. He does not even know what he baptizis in. He said Father son Holy ghost than said jesus name i really think he is confused.

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