It’s Been a While…

I’ve been on the road, and just now got back to my computer.  So, did anyone watch Johnny on Sunday?  What’s the status on the 7th Day Adventist Debate?  Let’s keep chatting, friends! 


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…

  1. I watched Johnny on Sunday night and his show was about Darwinism. Why, I don’t know.

    The Adventist debate is on for this Thursday night from 9-11pm. It should be entertaining,

    P.S. Welcome back.


  2. Johnny is talking about Darwinism and things that everyone will agree with him on–in hopes to gain more viewers and also to send these tapes back to Texas, its all politics. He will revert back to his old ways in time….

    The debate should be an easy win for James. I watched Johnny for a few minutes last night and changed it—seeing I have heard this countless times already.

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