9 thoughts on “New Blog in Town

  1. Keep in mind, I am new with this and it may take a few weeks to get going. I dont see a need to hit the guys here, seeing you are doing that already, so I may go another direction…who knows.

  2. Sorry – my bad. I forgot to put “https://” before the link. It’s fixed now.

  3. Actually, I plan to bring up various teachings across the board, not just Church of Christ teachings. Having been raised in a Pentecostal Church, I plan to talk about things of that movement too. Having studied the Baptist, Presbyterian, and others…I will bring up things from all sides. I am interested in what people say, regardless if I disagree or they disagree with me. At some point, I want to talk about the Mormons, JW’s, and other cults… seeing Johnny and crew often throw all denominations into the bag with them.

  4. I looked through this new blog and it is a Church of Christ site. This looks like the old bait-and-switch routine.

    Be careful.


  5. Tommy, this is not a bait-and-switch routine. I may adhere to some things they believe such as thier teaching on tithing as does many others not in the Church of Christ, such as John Macarthur, J Vernon McGee to name two well knowns. And I may see baptism as an act of faith and not just merely a sign, but I am far from being one who would say you are hell bound if you dont agree with me. You are more than welcome to ask me any questions, I will be open and honest with you. I told Nathan more than once that he and I may disagree on some things, but that I wasnt like the men on TV promoting a hate-you gospel. Please know that all Church of Christ people do not teach as these men here and many would glady fellowship with you. You are taking me wrongly and most likey my post on baptism turned you off. Please know that I do not hold to the view of baptism to the degree that I would call you lost. I dont put faith in baptism anymore than I put faith in repentance, I just happen to see them both as acts of faith, not of merit. Can not we disgaree on these and still be in unity upon the gospel of Christ? I hope you will continue to read my blog as well and you will see that I am not part of the Chruch of Christ that preaches hate. I have shared a lot with Nathan via email and I hope he will let it be known to you that my heart is not like these men here.

  6. Hi Tommy,

    I’d vouch for the blog in question, as it was started by my good internet friend Randy, who dealt with our local CofC men and got the heck out of dodge. And I’ll just reiterate that my blog is not meant as a “Church of Christ” bashing place, but a place to discuss the teachings of three particular Church of Christ fundamentalist TV hosts.

    Randy’s a good guy, as are the majority of Church of Christ folks. (And that can be said for ANY denomination, right?)


  7. Thanks Nathan !

    I know I hold views that may run against the grain of some peoples understanding, but where I differ is that I don’t claim to be right about everything and no way would I call someone lost, who has obeyed the gospel of Christ. The Church of Christ is just as much denominated as the groups they condemn. Many in the Church of Christ nationwide will admit they are broken into sects and factions–not that they are proud of it, but its a reality they accept. I welcome Tommy to continue reading my blog as well as yours and I know we will not see eye-eye upon everything, but know this, I will not treat Tommy or anyone saved by Christ as do the men on TV here.


  8. You know what is sad? Johnny and crew have painted such an ugly picture of the “Church of Christ” that many people will see all Church of Christ folk as being like them. I will confess that most Church of Christ people hold to their doctrines, but there are also many that dont,and the numbers are growing and sites like this can help get the word out. Read material from Cecil Hook, Carl Ketcherside, Rubel Shelly, Al Maxey, Max Lucado to get an idea of what I am talking about. These are just a few men, who are in the Church of Christ with different views than the men here.

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