2 thoughts on “Answering James Oldfield and/or Norm Fields – December 27, 2007

  1. Tommy, if you watched last nights show, could you comment on it?? We didnt watch it last night. I heard that James show was about getting back to the bible pattern and Norms was along them lines and preaching against denominations.

    Maybe at some point we can address this topic of unity and denominations.

  2. The only comment I have is that the bottom line for both of their shows was the prideful boast that theirs is the only true church. Nothing new.

    I can’t help myself, a few more things. I don’t know what pattern they are talking about. They should know that it is unwise to formulate doctrine from an historical book. A book of history describes events and does not prescribe how things should be. For example, if one reads a book on American History and reads the chapter about the early settlers, one may say that people should wear hats with buckles on them, live in log cabins, use muskets for weapons or use lanterns for light because that’s what is described in that chapter.

    That’s not to say that historic books don’t contain doctrine, just that forming a”pattern” from one is not the intent of a writer of history.

    Finally, I would be glad to discuss denominations and unity. The unit that Johnny,Norm and James are demanding is that all who don’t subscribe to their belief system, join them.



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