Answering Norm Fields – December 21, 2007

Norm:  “I’m the one in control of the airtime and we’re going to go about it the way it needs to be done.”

Thanks, Norm, for stating in a nutshell one of the main reasons why we started this blog.  Please go back and watch the tape of that broadcast, and you’ll see that while you kept asking your caller questions, you didn’t really give him much chance to respond.  I realize that you pay for the airtime, but why allow people to call in if you aren’t going to give them a chance to ask follow-up questions the way you do?  Instead, on your program, you can hit the “mute” button when you want, and shut the caller down.  On this blog, there is no “mute” button.

Norm had a nice little plug of his youtube site tonight, where he was reading through some comments on his youtube site and his responses to those comments.  I went over and left my own comment, and we’ll see if Norm puts it up.  I kind of doubt he will.  

To the broadcast:

1)  Norm made the comment that people were arguing against Scripture when they argued against his interpretation of Scripture.  And to prove this, he talks about how the commenter talks about “water baptism”, and Norm didn’t mention “water baptism” but did mention verses that talk about it.  Therefore, he somehow concludes that the commenter is arguing against Scripture, not against Norm.  “…it is one of the best examples I have seen of how denominational doctrines will cause you to argue against the clear Word of God.”  I believe the writer is arguing against you, Norm, and your interpretation of the Word of God.   You can see this conversation here.

More to come…  


One thought on “Answering Norm Fields – December 21, 2007

  1. This message is to give you a heads up regarding a scheduled written debate between myself and Norm Fields. The subject of the debate will be Amillennialism vs. Historic Premillennialism. I will defend the historic premill position. The debate will be hosted on my website, and begins February 16, 2009. Your readers might want to see how well Norm does when the playing field is level.

    Tim Warner, Pastor
    Oasis Christian Church
    Tampa, Florida

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