Answering James Oldfield – December 21, 2007

Well, I hit the nail on the head.  You might remember that yesterday I predicted that Christmas would be the subject of one of the programs, and it was.

About James’s broadcast, he was pretty straightforwardly discussing the birth and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I only have a couple of issues:  

One, he was mistaken that people call the birth of Jesus “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.  It made for a nice format for him to tell people that it’s not the birth that was important, but the life, death and ressurection that makes the story of Jesus important, but if you look here, you’ll see that the life of Christ was already what was known as “The Greatest Story Ever Told”.

Two, I obviously disagree with his interpretation of the role of baptism in the salvific experience.  

Coincidentally, yesterday I read this article, where the Archbishop of the Church of England went further to discuss what the birth of Christ was really like.  I like reading the comment section, where everybody essentially says, “Well, duh!”

Thoughts on James’s broadcast? 


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