BibleQnA Radio is Up and Running…

Norm Fields, the most tech-savvy guy of our trio of TV hosts, has taken his program onto the internet in a very new and interesting way.  I’d invite any of you who have been wondering who these men are to listen to Norm and you’ll see who we’ve been talking about.  Also, if you have any thoughts about what he says, please feel free to comment here – and on his blog, too. 

Listening to this, by the way, I’m reminded how fortunate Armando is that Johnny debated him rather than Norm.

Listen here: 


6 thoughts on “BibleQnA Radio is Up and Running…

  1. Norm is the same thought and doctrine i can debate both of them it would not matter. sat with many men in my time. Men with Degrees under their belt. Norm and Johnny are very lucky they did not debate Mr. Bayer that man would have turned all of these men inside out. I know only because Johnny did not want to sign the debate contract.

  2. I dont have it Brother Doddson had it i can try to get a copy from Brother Doddson. I guess this was 5 years ago Brother Doddson told me that Johnny did not want to sign this contract so Brother Bayer did not want to debate if he did not sign the contract that is the other side of the story. I know Brother Bayer would have he is my mentor when i was a child. He would have debated with no problem i have seen him debate powerfully in front of alot of people . And i think if Johnny does it would be worse for him because Brother Bayer is called a walking Bible he quotes chapters at a time Old and New including encyclopidias dictionarys etc. So, Johnny would not have a chance.

  3. I couldnt help help but laugh when I read the statement from Armando regarding “Johnny and crew are lucky they didnt debate Mr. Bayer”. Johnny and crew have a written debate of Mr Bayer and another Church of Christ person debating several issues…I think they have everything covered that Mr. Bayer or anyone might throw at them. Not saying I agree with everything Johnny might say, but they know where Mr. Bayer stands and have a written debate of 300 pages with his comments. I have a copy of this debate myself.

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