Record Breaking Visitor Count Today – Part II

Well, we’re still about five hours away from when this blog hitlist rolls over, and we’re just 10 under yesterday’s record breaking day.  We’re at 366 right now.  Lots of visitors… few comments… c’mon, people!  Make your presence known!  Comment and tell us what you think about what we’re discussing!

***edit*** now we’re over 400!  400 of the most silent visitors a blog has ever seen.  

***edit Part II*** we’re nearly to 500 now.  Crazy!

How about this – what if you just post what state you live in, and don’t comment on the blog content?  I just want to know how many visitors are from this area, and how many are from out of town. 


15 thoughts on “Record Breaking Visitor Count Today – Part II

  1. You must understand…the men here have their people controled to a point that they are afraid to voice an opinion, fearing they could get kicked out if they disagree with these men on a doctrine. I know for a fact there ar people right now in these churches who dont agree with everything Johnny says, but they are still there, hoping he will change his ways. Trust me, Johnny has too much pride to change his ways. So do as others have and leave and find a people who arent like these men. Its a bit funny how they slam on people around here for not talking to them on their blogs and emails and then they are the same way on here….please look closely though, I do believe James and Johnny are using other names like “faithful” and “George” and they have the nerve to call other preachers cowards and other names.

  2. Someone on the Ex-CoC support group site posted your url. Good stuff you got here. I think that is why you are getting so many hits.

  3. Pernell i agree and i know for a fact they are using other names. What you all need to do is get ready to be a support and help these people out of the cult they are in.

    Truth will set them free.
    Armando deloa

  4. Krissy,

    What is the URL of the ex-CoC support group you mention?

    Welcome to the blog! Hope to have your participation!


  5. I learned about your blog while watching Johny Robertson. I am grateful for this site and look forward to bringing it up.

    Could you make available your doctrinal statement so I can test it against scrpture.

    The debates last week were interesting, however, both debaters represent non-christioon religions. Sadly, people will watch the debates and possibly conclude that one of the two is a christian and want t join their group.

    Your audience should look up the RESTORATION MOVEMENT on the internet. This will give them a good study of where Johnny is coming from. The Campbells, Barton Stone and Walter Scott are responsible for giving us the Mormons, Christadelphians and the Jehovahs Witnesses. It’s well documented.


  6. Hi, Tommy. Glad to have you on board.

    A doctrinal statement… that’s an interesting idea. We’re so new at this that we haven’t come up with anything concrete – kind of making it up as we go along.

    Since we have a little lull in the local Church of Christ TV action, maybe we should work together and come up with a statement.

    As to your comment about the Restoration Movement, the TV hosts address this quite often. In fact, Norm Fields has had several calls dealing with this that I remember. Randy could probably give a better answer to what they might say, but I’d guess they’d say something along this line:

    “We aren’t Campbellites, or Stoneists, or Restorationists. We are the church of Christ. If you want to know who we are, look at the New Testament, not at these men. We don’t follow them, we follow the Gospel of Christ as found in the New Testament.”

    That’s not exactly what they’d say, but close. Randy? Or, are there any the local Church of Christ folks here who want to clarify what you’d respond to Tommy?

    But, that being said, Tommy raises a good point that it helps to understand these men to see where their movement has its roots.

    Please join us often, Tommy, and feel free to contribute to the conversation!

  7. By the way… one of the mistakes Johnny, Norm and James makes is assuming that Presbyterians “follow” Calvin, or Lutherans “follow” Luther, etc. I am a lifelong Presbyterian with some Calvinist leanings in my theology, but I follow Jesus. I think most folks in the different denominations would agree with that, applied to their situations. Not all, but most.

  8. Nathan is correct. The guys here and most all churches of Christ claim that they didnt rise from the Campbell-Stone movement. They are quick to say that that they can trace their roots back to the bible. In others words they are the true church and all others are just fakes that are headed to hell.

    Tommy, please let others know about this blog.

  9. I just found this site, and it’s different from what I’m used to, so I’m just leaving this comment to let you know I’m reading, and find it very interesting. I’ve got to figure out how to navigate here!

  10. Hi Cactus Rose,

    Welcome on board! Our blog is pretty straightforward – an ongoing examination of the teachings of three Church of Christ on-air TV hosts. It’s chronologically assembled – not really by issue, although I do have tags you can click on to go back and read things. We aren’t from a certain church background, and so we don’t really have a common “doctrinal statement”, but more of a “mission statement” – to be a place where people can voice their thoughts to the things taught by these three men.

    Of course, if you have had experience with Churches of Christ that teach a similar doctrine, you’ll see some common things.

  11. All this site does is critisize. What posative comes from it? How many if any is it leading to the Lord? I’ve never seen a statue put up to honor a critic. It seems that those who are critical of the church could do something to reach people but instead choose to do this. It also seems that after studying with the church for a year one could have made a real point and caused change if they had a valid argument. I find it strange that it would take a year to come to a decision anyway.

  12. faithful:

    Aren’t you being critical? What positive is coming from your comment? How many if any is it leading to the Lord?

    lol – Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. That’s the way the Church of Christ men to whom we are responding would have responded to a comment like yours.

    Me? I think you raise valid concerns. If we are coming across as purely critical, then we aren’t coming across as we hope.

    We ARE critical, because we are examining the teachings of some men who are making some pretty extreme statements regarding the state of men’s souls, and those statements need to be examined with critical eyes. But it’s not criticism for the sake of criticism.

    As to what we could do to reach people instead of this, who is to say we aren’t doing other things to reach people? Speaking personally, this blog doesn’t represent my life (although sometimes it might seems so). And the other Christians in this community who are aware of these three men and who know that I started this blog have been incredibly supportive.

    As to your barb about someone studying with the church for a year, that seems like a very Johnny-esque barb at Randy. I’ll let him respond to that if he would like.

    Thanks for the thoughts, faithful.

    Sola Dei Gloria!
    (aka, giggleing little girl)

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