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If you watched some or all of the recent debates between Armando DeLoa and Johnny Robertson, how did you think it went?  Do you agree with my assessment, or did you feel differently?  Do you want to see these men debate again?  Let’s chat about it!

15 thoughts on “Viewers Debate Feedback

  1. I hate to sound like a broken record, but when we discuss Johnny, people will not say much, because they know how he operates and most could care less about this debate. I have talked to some people already and they said it’s more like a childish fight and not an attempt to spread the gospel of Christ. So, I doubt you get any replies on this…maybe Armando, but not Johnny and crew, nor others from here. They simply see Johnny as a waste of time and some even consider him lost and treat him as he does Galimore. In others words, he isnt worth the time. How can you talk with someone who closed-minded and not willing to talk, but only argue and play childish games.

  2. You make good points. I really just wish that Johnny’s, Norm’s and James’s people would comment here instead of just blindly following their apparent orders not to.

    It’s just ironic to me how much they pick on area pastors for not calling in or appearing on their show, when they won’t even send us a wee little comment!

    If you are from one of the churches whose pastor they pick on, tell your pastor they don’t have anything to fear from these men – they won’t even discuss their doctrines in this safe place.

  3. Orders not to? Why would would they tell us about the site the weak little site and then say not write in . What I would like to know is why if you have a beef why do it through a website where nobody sees your picture instead of in public like the preachers do? I also notice that you post during the day. Are you working a job at that time and using company time and equipment to run the blog site? If so is that not steeling from your employer?

  4. “weak little site”. Ha! I love it when folks write like that. It’s so colorful. Kind of like “giggleling little girls”. 😉

    Finally! So, “faithful” is from one of the Churches of Christ. Welcome, faithful, to our little corner of the web!

    If they didn’t tell you to not write here, then I apologize. And if that isn’t the case, then I welcome your input! Please feel free to come on board and write and give your thoughts on our interpretations of your pastor’s teachings. If we’re mistaken, please correct us. If you think we’re just flat out wrong, please tell us! That’s what we’re trying to do here – get communication going.

    Why do I do this on the web? Well, first of all – because I can. Don’t you love living in the 21st Century? Second, I’m not interested in coming on their TV programs because I don’t take such a pretty picture to be on TV – not that that stops some people. Third, I’m not a preacher – I’m just a guy. I just represent the faceless, nameless viewers your TV hosts have been harassing for years. Fourth, because it’s a place where I am not under the control of any of your Church of Christ on-air TV personalities. It’s democratization at it’s best!

    Does that answer your barb question?

    And nice try on the stealing from my employer accusation. Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m sitting in the comfort of my home, typing away on my cool new MacBook Pro – the computer of champions. These guys really should make the change from Windows to Mac! They could really do much better on their presentations.

    Come back soon and often, faithful!

  5. Nathan, this could have been directed to me, if so, I want everyone to know I can take a break when ever I want. just like we all do here. I take my lunch sometimes at 1:30…yesterday at 2:30, take my breaks whenever I feel like it and I get here at 6:15 most mornings, so nice try “faithful”. You guys say we won’t show our face–when you have to make up a name, least be man enough to use your real name. Are you worried your people might know you or something, seeing you most likey have told them not to answer this blog. If this is Norm, James, or Johnny….please step out from “behind the walls” and use your real name. If this is a member at one of these guys churches, I can understand why you won’t use your real name, you might make your preacher mad, so if thats the case, please do write again anonymously. To be honest, this sounds like Johnny. if so,you dont need to hide behind the walls. Come on here with your real name, we just want to talk. It’s like you guys are afraid to talk on here with your real names…why?? Wonder what your IP address is?? 🙂

  6. Guys the church without christ are ignorant men. this guy who calls him self “Faithful” is a man who hates what happened this last week . Just goes to prove that God 1 Satan 0

    Pastor Deloa

    If faith ful wants to argue me he can
    lets see if he is faithful.

  7. from the way its written, I would guess that this “faithful” is Johnny himself. He may just not want people knowing he is looking at this blog, but we know he is 🙂

  8. Well, considering “faithful” miss-spelled Johnny’s name in an earlier post, I’d hope it isn’t him. It’d guess maybe it’s just a person from one of the three churches.

    But Johnny, we welcome your posts!

  9. “That’s what we’re trying to do here – get communication going.”

    Now if this were true why did you leave the face to face bible studies and teaching and withdraw to the web?

  10. “I wish people were just honest. This is a good fruit. Why do these men want to hurt people and their faith. Its so sad. Oh well we just have to stand in truth.”

    I wish people would be honest too Armondo. Claiming to do a miracle of healing a man out of a wheel chair and not telling everyone he went back into the wheel chair is very dishonest.

  11. Sinse I don’t trust you you not to spam me or sell my email address I choose to use the info that I do. I wonder why someone calls themself answering the church of Christ but doesn’t get the same treatment? Double standard?

  12. Hi faithful,

    First, I’ve never been involved with your bible studies.

    Second, I have given my name: Nathan. I’ve given my email addy:

    Third, if you don’t want to leave your name or addy, that’s certainly your right. We’re glad to have you here, as apparently one of the few local Church of Christ folks who will. Of course, at this point, if you WERE one of the three hosts, you’d never admit it, because you’ve already spoken as if you aren’t, and that would mean that you’d be caught in a lie.

    Faithful, would you like to categorically state that you are not Johnny Robertson, James Oldfield or Norm Fields, as George did? So we can move past that?

    Sola Dei Gloria!

  13. This is for Armando. Since you say you want to be so honest, why don’t you tell these people how you stand in church and preach how all the Baptist, Catholics and anyone else who doesn’t go to the pentecostal church is going to hell. Pentecostals take certain verses from the Bible and twist them into what they want people to believe. Pentecostals are very arrogant and say they can do things like speak in tongues for their own egos. The Bible says there will be FALSE PROPHETS that will seem to be followers of God and claim to do great things. People need to beware of these pentecostals. They will stand behind their pulpits and crow like roosters but they are nothing but frauds.

  14. TRUTH,

    I went ahead and approved your post, but I would like to remind you and anyone else who cares that this blog doesn’t exist to examine the teachings of Armando, except how such an action relates to the teachings and work of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields, and James Oldfield – and other Church of Christ folks who agree with their doctrine.

    So, let’s not jump off on an anti-pentecostal rabbit trail. People need to beware of LOTS of people, not just the people you mention. I’m going to post some thoughts on this on the main page in the next few days, regarding the Jason Hairston incident.

    Sola Dei Gloria,

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