Record Breaking Visitor Count Today

We have had an all-time high number of visitors today – over 290! I don’t know who you all are, but I’d love for our visitors to say hello and give your thoughts on our blog!

edit… we’re now over 320… a virtual flood of visitors! 

new edit… we’re now over 370.  Smashing our former record of 280!   


35 thoughts on “Record Breaking Visitor Count Today

  1. most likey some from Johnnys church and some from abroad in Danville….but they will not reply for fear of these men booting them out or getting on to them

  2. This is what you get when God moves through Great Men of God. Maybe if you had the move of God rather than childish quarrels all time, more people would be interested. Kudos to Armando. He trully is a great Christlike Man.

  3. We’ve got comments from Armando from California, Efron from California, Kenneth from California, Linda from California, but nobody from the Danville, Riedsville, or Martinsville Churches of Christ. Isn’t that interesting?

  4. If Armando had the Holy Ghost like the apostle’s was given in the first century, why was he afraid to use it? It was given to the apostle’s so that they could prove the Gospel of Christ, that was given to them to preach to all. We all know that love is great, but love is like faith it is dead with out works. Armando’s talk was strong but his walk was less than weak. If Armando was a true preacher of Christ he would be showing more proof of of his Spiritual Gift of Healing, in place of talk, but we all know that most of these guys can talk the talk but when it comes to the walk that’s another thing. Why didn’t he strike Johnny blind, he back out of that, that should tell us all something, the Apostle Paul didn’t back up on it.(Acts 13:8-11) If Armando had blinded Johnny or if he would have performed any kind of a miraculous miracle, like healing the blind, the deaf or the dumb, if he would have blinded Johnny,Johnny would be gone from here today. And as we all know the hospitals is filled up with sick people and there are many lying dead in their graves. Armando could have did our area a big favor, if he had not been a FALSE PREACHER and TEACHING of A FALSE GOSPEL
    These People come with big talk telling everyone what they have seen and what miracles that have done in some far away place, but when it comes down to brass-tacks, shows us, they always come up with some excuse not to show the gift that they say, God has gave them. I don’t find it this way with the apostle’s in the first church and only church of the New Testament.
    Have A Great Evening & Be Blessed,

  5. brass-tacks?? I have read this from James O. before…maybe this George is James. If not, let me do you as Johnny does people on TV. Where do you assemble at George?? What place do you meet for worship?? I think at this point Johnny would say “you must be ashamed of your meeting place” if you do not tell us. Or, could it be that this is James using a fake name??

  6. I have never seen them hide like this before. They went on the Lamb and Lion attack for awhile on their website material, oh, thats right, we know people here in their churches and know their doctrine. James, Johnny, Norm-if you want to, you can use whatever name you like, we understand. I am sure you are down playing this to your people-I know you are because of emails from Norm and Johnny to my yahoo address about the blog. It’s strange that you guys will hide behind the walls and email me, but not make comments on here for all to see. And you slam on BTW for not addressing your blogs and things…shame, shame, shame. Maybe you could change your sites to BTW-BEHIND THE WALLS

    Wonder where Jason is??

    That pciture you guys took of the people in the preaching school, you should revise that picture and let your bosses know the truth in Texas and abroad.

    If you want to use another name to write on the blog go ahead, but you do know each computer has its own identity–ip address.

  7. What george does not understand is this, When God performs miracles he does so that he can receive the glory . George is one of the Church without christ Spies. You see we came and did what we were suppose to and that was to reveal who Johnny was. The bible says you will know them by their Fruit. Ladies and gentlemen the question should be who’s fruit out weighed the most. God did perform miracles in you area which is good that Johnny did not see them . I really dont care if he does he is not God and he works for Satan. Ladies and Gentlemen we read the bible when it says when they smote Jesus and told him to Prophesy, They told him to come down off the cross ; Jesus said a wicked and perverse generation seeketh a sign; It is powerful see i dont seek a sign God shows them to us in California all the time. You may see Johnny talking about bellflower hospital (i love it!) we got him it is so funny, Here you dont walk in with cameras and say “Where Here to perfom miracles” Johnny is a very ignorant man. Many times he has proved him self. Ask the Workers at KFC they will tell you our story and what happened . There are over 1,000 hospitals and medical clinics in our Los Angeles area and we go to pray but, we just walk in sometimes not knowing where we are too go until God shows us. The doubters in your area make me laugh because Johnny was looking really ridiculous why? because he was exposed. Satan only tempts God who is Johnny working for? Keep this in mind when you watch him on t.v . the bible says that even Satans ministers can appear as an angel of LIGHT . We will KNOW them by their FRUIT. This is what is going to happen God is going to move on the people and God will move Johnny out. I dont claim i never claimed i was a Great Man of God . the bible says to not let your lips praise you but let someone else praise you. Johnny has so much pride and Arrogance its not even funny. Oh by the way what prison did Johnny spend time at and Why has this not been known to the community. This man spent time in prison in Texas. Well, we will see what God is doing. Johnny said “Armando you came here quietly and you will leave quietly” Is this a prophecie that did not come to pass. I came in quietly and left with an explosion. Again, Miracles and healings did take place and i have been received by many in the community. This is not what Johnny wants. God will out shine them all To God be glory for ever .

    Pastor Deloa

  8. From Armando: Oh by the way what prison did Johnny spend time at and Why has this not been known to the community.

    Armando, Johnny has told the people here about the prison and all, and this was when he was very young and such should not ne held against him.

    Do you plan to come back and debate other issues-like the lords supper and music??

    From Randy

  9. I think Armando is really a Trinitarian in doctrine, but doesn’t want to labeled that because it sounds like three Gods. I believe in one God, but God works through three. All three are the one God. I thought before he came he was “Jesus Only” but he made it clear that he wasn’t. I think he really believes there are three working as ONE, but he doesn’t want to be labeled Trinitarian, seeing that could imply three Gods. I have had friends in the “Jesus Only” movement and they are just Jesus Only, thus denying the Father and Holy Spirit. Armando please make this more clear….

    Do you believe in the Father?
    Do you believe in the Son?
    Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?

    Are these three ONE God??

  10. I’m sorry James I just didn’t know that only you were allowed to use the BRASS – TACKS bit. Thanks Pernell for giving me this information.

    Pernell let me assure you and anyone that may think that I am James O., I do think you mean James Oldfield don’t you ? But in any case I am not a James. I am just plain old George, not a James. But you are following the course like everyone on this blog site followers, Always Jumping Off The Short Deep End Of Things. But yes I do know James Oldfield, Johnny Robertson and Norm Fields and as far as I know, all three are fine honest and trustworthy men that love’s God and Christ’s Church.
    Yes I have assembled with the members at both Martinsville and Danville VA, and also with the church of Christ in Somerville, Alabama and others. I assemble with the church of Christ, because I do truly believe the Word of God, and I do believe that the church of Christ is the only true church of the New Testament, and the only true church for today.
    I came up in the Church of God that started on Laverder St. in Martinsville, but they are now the church that rides motor-bikes up into their church worship services, at Rich Acres.
    I also was a member of the Baptist Church, until I took the Home Bible Course from Liberty U., and really started studying what the Bible truly
    taught. For awhile I did not go to any church.
    You and others may call me James, Joe or Ray it makes no differences. But I can find the church that I assemble with in the the New Testament and the ONE that added me to His Church, The Church of Christ the only church that Jesus our Lord and Saviour died for. This can be found in the Bible and not what some CREED or what some man has said or done
    Thanks Pernell and Armando for your thoughts on me.

    Have A Great Day & May You Be Blessed

    George (not) James

  11. Armando Deloa,

    What do you mean by: (George is one of the Church without christ Spies.) “I surly hope you can clear this up for me!”
    Armando let me make this clear to you, I speak for myself and myself only. and I sure do not speak for someone else, Let it be Johnny, James, Norm or any other preacher from the church of Christ or some denomination.
    Do you have SPIES in Your Church, Armando?
    You have said somethings that may get people thinking about that now.

    Have A Nice Day & May You Be Blessed,
    You Are In My Prayers,


  12. NO i just know that Johnny has people sneaking every where. We will let you know that we are there we dont have to hide behind names and be afraid. Johnnys group is a group that does this they even hide behind phone calls.

  13. To whom ever

    We do not deny the Father Son or Holy Ghost and no i am a one God believer. The father of the Old testament enrobed him self in flesh and walked amoung the disciples and ascended and has all power and authority he is now the Everlasting Father then sent the Spirit in His Name . Trinitarians dose not know the name of the Father . but, those who know God know his name is Jesus. Jesus is God Almighty.

  14. One of the most compelling arguments against this Oneness idea is from Luke 3:21:22, the baptism of Jesus. This is a verse that makes it clear that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three different persons.

    “When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.’”

    Look at this verse. Who is praying? Jesus. As Johnny pointed out, why would Jesus pray to Himself? He was praying to the Father. As He did, the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove, and the voice of the Father was heard, speaking to the Son.

    How do you jive this, Armando? The word “trinity” may not appear in Scripture, but this is a word-picture that highlights that each person of the Trinity is unique and separate.

  15. George wrote:

    “I assemble with the church of Christ, because I do truly believe the Word of God, and I do believe that the church of Christ is the only true church of the New Testament, and the only true church for today…”

    You mean Romans 16:16? Did you know that you can’t find “Church of Christ” anywhere in Scripture? Yes, Paul mentions “churches of Christ”, but that isn’t granting anyone authority – anymore than Baptists or Presbyterians are granted authority. Paul is mentioning the churches that existed at the time that he wrote that letter. It has nothing to do with churches that exist today. Now, if a group of believers want to call themselves a “church of Christ”, that’s fine. But, there’s nothing that excludes that group of believers from identifying themselves with some other designation as well. Do you think there is? Can you tell me the Scripture?

    George wrote:

    “But I can find the church that I assemble with in the the New Testament and the ONE that added me to His Church, The Church of Christ the only church that Jesus our Lord and Saviour died for. This can be found in the Bible and not what some CREED or what some man has said or done.”

    See what I wrote above.

    By the way, do you greet your brethren with a holy kiss when you arrive at your assembly?

  16. NO! it does not. This is a weak argument for the trinity. Luke 3:21-22 does not teach that the Father Son Holy Ghost are three seperate persons. First of all where does it say that the Spirit is a person? You dont read this. Who saw the Dove descendig also, it said the Holy Ghost was desending like a dove not that it was a dove where did you understand this? What did it represent? Jesus was baptized as an example to us. Second the Dove decending John was the only one who saw this and it was a sign to John not the People. God is Omnipresent (meaning God is Every where) God said “this is my beloved son IN WHOM i am well pleased” Lets get it right . Answering the church of Christ this is not a trinity scripture. If you need a deeper explanation i will give it. But, really find a better scripture this is not a valid argument. When you look at this scripture it is not implying 3 persons of the Godhead. It is magnifying ONE GOD. God is an Omnipresent God meaning again God can be everywhere at one time . Now, with that in mind what does Galatians 3:20 say . If you don’t believe in this than we don’t do well. Email me to continue this if you would like or i can keep defeding the faith of ONE GOD. But i appreciate you no problem . Johnny is not right he maniefested bad fruit, the whole time. I always know People from back east have a better way of hosting people . I even offered Johnny and Mitch to take them to eat continually just to keep the peace both rejected my offer.

    Pastor Deloa

  17. As to the personhood of the Holy Ghost:

    John 16:13 says, “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

    The Greek word “ekeinos” is used here, translated as “he”, over and over.

    Acts 13:2 says, “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.”

    Only a person can talk, right?

    What else does the Holy Ghost do?

    Romans 8:26 – intercedes
    John 15:26 – testifies
    John 16:13 – guides
    Acts 16:6,7 – commands
    Acts 20:28 – appoints
    Romans 8:14 – leads
    John 16:8 – reveals to someone how wrong, foolish, or sinful he/she was
    Eph 1:13-14 – seals God’s promise in believers’ hearts
    Rom 8:1-17 – shapes the life of each person and community to Christ’s

    All very much as a person would do.

    Now, keep in mind, this blog is not “”, although we might need to start that up. 😉 The focus on this blog is to examine the teachings of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields, and James Oldfield. And on this subject, the subject of the Trinity, we actually agree with them.

  18. Brass – Tacks. James and So On.

    You can believe anything that you want to believe that is all up to you, and what church you want to go to is just fine with me but you better have all your ducks in a row in that final day. But I do hope you people at this blog site knows now that I’m not James. I see that you did not give your name and you should be ashamed to say one thing and do another, but that’s alright to, for that is what’s expected of you and yours. Are you Ashame of your Name?
    Do you answer all of Pernells blogs?

    Have A Great Evening, Who Ever You Are & Be Blessed


  19. Hi George,

    I’ve given my name many times. It’s Nathan. And it was Parnell who was trying to deduce your identity. I don’t usually answer Parnell, because I usually am in agreement with him, at least in principal.

    Regarding the need to have our ducks in a row on the last day, except for the grace of God, none of us will! (Romans 3:23)

    As to who you are, it doesn’t really matter. We’re glad to have your input! Don’t be a stranger!

    Sola Dei Gloria!

  20. Armando,
    This does not answer my question, Do you know me are have you ever seen me?
    What gives you the right to call me a spy? The only time that I have seen you was on TV. So you think I’m A spy for Johnny just because I know Johnny Robertson and wrote on a blog disagreeing with you and what you think about the Bible and your church.
    Armando in a case like that wouldn’t it be fair for me to call the man that you brought with you over here to NC, Your own SPY? Armando This Works On A Two Way Street. Tell your spy that George sends his regards.

    Have A Great Evening & Be Blessed


  21. Nathan,
    I gave my name as plain as day, and my email address. So why should Pernell,as you say try and deduce my name and try to make me someone that I’m not? That seem to me that he may be sick or something. Do you run your blog in this way all the time? He tried he’s best to make me a lie.

    Again Have A great Night & be Blessed

    As Always My Name Is: George

  22. Allright dont be mad. keep your head i will apologize for that remark that is what the bible says. If i offended you sorry. so if your not that is fine . Love you n Christ

  23. To answering Church of Christ: Look, Jesus was the comforter hence we have what you wrote.

    Romans 8:26 – intercedes
    John 15:26 – testifies
    John 16:13 – guides
    Acts 16:6,7 – commands
    Acts 20:28 – appoints
    Romans 8:14 – leads
    John 16:8 – reveals to someone how wrong, foolish, or sinful he/she was
    Eph 1:13-14 – seals God’s promise in believers’ hearts
    Rom 8:1-17 – shapes the life of each person and community to Christ’s
    Your right when talking about person you talking a bout Jesus. Jesus was the Spirit.

  24. Armando:

    See, this is what I don’t get about your theology. The Jesus of your theology is a bit neurotic, and I think this was the point Johnny was trying to make on the night he won the debate. For example:

    “The Comforter which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” (John 14:26)

    If the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are not separate persons, Jesus’ words should have looked like this:

    “The Comforter which is me, whom I will send in my name, I will teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

    This is something I don’t think you’ve ever addressed in the few times we’ve heard you speak, or you’ve posted here.

    Why would Jesus, on so many occasions, pray to himself, refer to himself in the 3rd person and talk about himself as if he wasn’t there?

  25. George:

    Hmm… you know, I’m beginning to wonder myself, now. “Do you run your blog in this way all the time?” Your attitude does remind me of the emails I’ve seen from Johnny, except you apparently are a better speller. *joke*

    Look, again, if you are Johnny writing as George, or George writing as George, that’s your business. We are curious about it, because you are apparently the first local Church of Christ person (well, you and “faithful”) to take part in our blog. But it still doesn’t affect that we are glad to have you along for the ride.

    So, be ye who ye may be, we invite your participation.

  26. George, I wasnt sure if you were James or not, but I knew using one of Johnnys tricks might call you out with more information and I was right. I am glad you have decided to come on the blog and address some things. I agree with much of what Johnny teaches, but things we disagree on causes him to tell me I couldnt join, be a memeber in the body. I challege you on the issues at hand. Prove to me and others on this blog that you MUST have the Lords supper each Sunday and explain why. Before you do so, I know each argument you may have, I have used them myself. Keep in mind if you use the “example argument” there are more examples such as some in the early church gave all of their things away…so that argument is weak. Plus if you are really following the example of Acts 7:20, it was only men there, which excludes women if you use the “example argument”. To save time look at the things on the blog about the Lords supper and Music and then post your argument. BTW, not all churches of Christ believe everything the same…did you know that?? So, which one is right, my guess is you will say the ones that Johnny, James, Norm are in….or you will say the one in the bible. Each one says this and many do not follow the so-called pattern the same. Have you done much research on the churches of Christ, if so, you know that they all do not believe everything the same….so tell me which churches of Christ are right “in your eyes”

  27. George it’s is becuse you don’t understand the Godhead and the deity of Christ. This is the reason it seems very confusing but, to those who have the understanding it is not. God who spoke the word (logos) became flesh . The only flesh we see that claims to come from heaven is Christ. He walked amoung us talked with us. See God was revealed in Flesh (I Timothy 3:16) . When you look at revelation chapter 2 it mentions that he has a golden girdle the golden girdle is a representation of Humanity and deity. As man he hungered and as God he fed the 5,000. The bible says that the Godhead is clearly understood. Trinty came 300 years after the first century church . The first century church did not believe in this particular doctrine. If you read the scritpure anytime they mentioned Christ as the person it always mentions the Father, for example John ch 14 Philip ask jesus show us the Father and it will satisfy us. Jesus said Philip have i not be so long time with you he that hath seen me has seen the Father. It is not a marriage situation. Also, When explaining the comforter he says the Father will send the Comforter in my Name. The question is what is that Name? you and i know it is Jesus. So if philip saw Jesus as the father and Jesus is the son and then the holy ghost name is Jesus that makes Jesus God.

  28. If you notice my name is on every blog and that is more than I can say for you guys. You write your blog and never sign your name to who it is writing it. On the Leave a Comment section it plainly states: Name (required). Just what does this rule mean to you? Is this how you study the Bible? If you can’t follower your own rules how can you follow the ones in the Bible. You guys want to know who writes you, but it doesn’t apply to you. Now as I said my name is George, are you as sure as I am about my name, My name has be with me for 70 years this coming March, that name is on my check book, it was my name when I was in the Air Force, and is on my tombstone in our family graveyard, and that, George was the name my mother gave me the day that I born. Now as far as I can see your little group is doing worse than what you are accusing, Johnny, James, Norm and the church of Christ of doing, for they are doing it for the right cause, It Is Truly What They Believe. But for you guys, it’s plain to see from what I read on you blog site, You Do It Just For The Sake Of Argument. Now I do not think we are doing any good by using this blog, so I’ll just say so-long and best wishes to you and your gang.
    Have A great Day & Be Blessed,
    I’m Still George,
    And I’m not ashamed of my name. (ARE ASHAMED OF YOURS)
    And I’m Still Not James, Johnny, Norm, or Anyone Else.

  29. “In my name” isn’t a reference to the name “Jesus” but a reference that the Comforter would come in/by His authority. If George Bush sent someone from the US to visit the leaders in Iraq, that person could say “I come in the name of George Bush and the United States”, meaning on the behalf, by his authority, by the power of George Bush and the United States. The person isn’t saying he is George Bush, just as Jesus wasn’t saying He was the Holy Spirit. Who was Jesus praying to when he prayed to the Father?? Are you saying Jesus was talking and praying to himself?? Let’s erase the word trinity if you like, but the fact is God is three in One: Father, Son, Holy Sprit but ONE GOD.

  30. Well, George, we appreciate your stopping by. But, for future reference, let me explain how a blog works:

    A blog can exist for any reason. It can be as a personal journal, or as a place to discuss politics, theater, agriculture, Macintosh Computers, the weather in Moscow, parenting tips, Star Wars, the history of Western Civilization, screenwriting, European hairstyles, Menudo, philosophy and ethics, architecture, toe jam, obscure Middle Eastern poetry, military strategy, or ________ (fill in the blank). Or it can be a place where nobody ever comments, like this place sometimes, and,, pretty much all of the time (do they ever answer comments any more?).

    Here, we discuss the teachings of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield. Do we do this for the sake of argument? You can think so if it makes you feel better. However, in our minds, that isn’t the case.

    This blog was started because this trio of men come into our homes each week via cable TV to tell us that if we aren’t worshipping in their church, in their way, then we are hell-bound. They come on each week to complain that they have to go all the way to Los Angeles to find someone to come on their program, and then that guest comes, they alienate him, mock his beliefs, and make fun of him when he gets lost. They come on each week to show their little hidden camera videos where they sneak into various churches to “expose their false doctrine”. I could go on.

    Now, if there is a better reason to start a blog, I don’t know what it is. If there are TV religious broadcasters who need to hear fresh dissenting opinions more, I don’t know who they are.

    Anyway, enough of my Braveheart speech. Please come back any time!

    Sola Dei Gloria!

  31. George, I noticed you didnt say anything about the Lords supper, wonder why?? I have talked with many folks in the church of Christ nationwide regarding the Lords supper and they all do NOT hold the same view-pattern. Do you think that Johnny could be wrong sometimes or does he have a perfect understanding of every single scrpiture?? This concerns me most of all-please dont think any man, including myself has become on the level of God, having perfeect understanding. Johnny says man can understand everything in the bible, but does he ever tell people that he and Norm disagree on a certain thing in the bible. Maybe you should ask them both or contact Jasper, Ga and others who know about the meeting that took place over their disagreement. Wonder which one is right, Johnny or Norm??? Did any give in to the other at this meeting or did they “agree to disagree”. I know the answer, lets see if you do. Please do post again.

  32. George says: It Is Truly What They Believe. But for you guys, it’s plain to see from what I read on you blog site, You Do It Just For The Sake Of Argument.

    George, I fear you are being mislead by these men. I happen to know firsthand how they work and operate. Matter of fact Johnny says to go on air and force a fight by provoking callers, just so that people will talk about him and their work. I could go on, but doing so might reveal who I am. I beg you to be very careful with these guys and please listen —there is much behind the scenes you have no idea about. Do you ever hear them preaching the cross and Christ on TV?? What a waste of money from Clarksville Church of Christ, Handley Church of Christ, Windmill Church of Christ…and others.

  33. George, i totally understand what you are saying but, again the Holy Ghost is not a seperate person. Ok We know that God is a Spirit and he is Holy which are his attributes He is a Holy God and that makes him a Holy Spirit. Now when you read St. John chapter 14:18 Jesus said “i will not leave you comfortless” (What is the Holy Ghost?) He is the Comforter. Now, Jesus Said ” I will not leave you Comfortless I will come to you” How will the comfortor come? How was the comforter suppose to come if the comforter is the Holy Ghost. How was the comforter suppose to come? Read verse 20. “At that day ye shall kow that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you” How is CHRIST suppose to be in us? Is there two Seperate Spirits? Ep. 4:4. So to understand that the Holy Ghost is Christ then you read John 14:26 What i am trying to explain is the Name of Christ . Christ is the Key word we must acknowledge the name of Christ to make it truth. Colossian 3:17 we do everything in the NAME OF JESUS . When we understand that the name of Jesus is very important. This is the name Jesus which is what Jesus declared. I know roberts said it with confusion but, in John 14:26 “And i have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love where with thou hast lvoed me may be in them , and i in them” I did not write that JOhn did so the disciple understood the name it was declared. Hence, Acts 2:38 Peter said it to be baptized in the NAME of Jesus. No where did you ever read any one at any time Baptized in the Titles of the Father, Son, HOly Ghost. Where is it? But, everyone baptized in the Wonderful name of Jesus.. People fight this like it is bad to say jesus it is so clear that we need the name of Jesus.

    George you can email me if you would like at
    thank you

  34. Armando,

    You can keep saying “the Holy Spirit is not a separate person” over and over, and it’s still not going to make it true.

    I’m still waiting for you to address my concerns about your neurotic interpretation of Jesus.


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