An Invitation to Local Church of Christ Folks

Hi local Church of Christ folks,

We know some of y’all are checking in on our blog, we’re averaging around 150 hits each day, and a number of those are from the Martinsville/Henry County/two states area.  We’d love it if you would join us in our conversations, if you read us telling something about which you disagree, just give us a shout out!  You don’t need to leave your name.  You don’t even need to acknowledge that you are a part of one of the local assemblies.  But, we’d welcome your participation and input.

I’ll even get the ball rolling – how did you think Johnny and Armando’s debate went last night?


One thought on “An Invitation to Local Church of Christ Folks

  1. i only get to listen every other week. i have called numerous times
    i called i belive the first night. i talked about him cutting me off while he
    spoke.also about he and armondo converting each other.
    he couldnt give me a authorization for the ceasiation of healing, his only comeback was to badger me about my denomination and local church.he also dosent like me mentioning Campbell and Stone. i am looking for info
    to deliver a knockout blow, i realize he is knowledgeable just need some help. just found this site write back

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