The Debate – Part I


  1. Did Johnny really say that he uses love to accomplish his task?  Johnny, what’s your definition of love?
  2. Johnny mentioned that he had Biblical authorization for being a cessationist (a person who believes that miracles have ceased), but didn’t tell what that authorization was.  Will we find this out later? 
  3. What was this about someone cutting off the callers while Johnny was talking?  Did they have one of their guys behind the scenes hitting the hold button like they usually do themselves when someone talks over them?  And notice that Johnny doesn’t have a problem talking over others, who don’t have the luxury of a hold button.
  4. Johnny said that the Church of Christ in the community has quadrupled in the time that he’s been here.  Well, first of all, I doubt that he had many people when he first started, and so if you have four, and you quadruple four, you only get sixteen.  So, that’s really not so impressive.  However, I have been told by folks inside the Martinsville Church of Christ that the attendance has actually gone down since Jason left.  (Why did he leave, Johnny?  Oh, that’s right.  Nobody’s talking about that – I wonder why?)
  5. Armando said that the Holy Spirit and God are not persons.  I disagree.  More on that later.
  6. Did Johnny really say, “Here’s what the Bible says on the other side”, as if his interpretation is just that – just another interpretation?  Wow, that’s a first.  I wonder what was making him be so magnanimous? 
  7. Johnny was making the point against Armando that there was only one example of a person who wasn’t healed immediately.  But doesn’t that mean that Armando has Biblical authority for claiming it can happen?  Johnny and his Church of Christ brethren use one Scripture to say that they are authorized (and actually COMMANDED) to take the Lord’s Supper each first day of the week, and it’s the only verse that they use for that command.  He also uses Romans 16:16 to claim authority to exist, and it’s the only place in the Bible where Paul uses the term “churches of Christ”.  Heck, “church of Christ” isn’t mentioned at all, but they somehow have the authority.  “Greet one another with a holy kiss” is there five times, and they refuse to do it.  Sounds pretty uneven to me. 
  8. Did you see how much Johnny loved it when it looked like Armando’s associate might join him?  “This is what we love – two against one!”  I guarantee we’re going to have to hear about that for weeks to come.
  9. As to the former Church of Christ caller, Armando and his associate were correct when they told Johnny that his television broadcast is not a church.  It’s a television program where all callers should be given equal time.  What’s Johnny afraid of, not letting that person speak?
  10. Johnny said, “Every call I’ve given Armando the chance to answer first.”  No, Johnny, you didn’t.  Go back and review your recording of the program.  I hope that when you put up any inconsistencies in your guest’s speech that you’ll include this inconsistency in your own.

Nathan’s Blog Result of the First Night:  

Armando – 1 / Johnny – 0 

And by the way, did you notice that the usual Church of Christ supporters weren’t calling in tonight?  I wonder if that was purposeful?  Were they instructed to not call in for some reason?  Perhaps to give Armando a feeling of false security?  Hmm….Thoughts on the debate? 


10 thoughts on “The Debate – Part I

  1. Johnny said that the Church of Christ in the community has quadrupled in the time that he’s been here. Keep in mind he was fired from Collinsville church of Christ and he now calls them “walking disorderly” and not only them, but do you ever him him mention the church of Christ on Chatam and Ridgeway?? I wonder what he thinks about the people who left his church and now meet in houses with each other. I guess these are walking disorderly too. I think if you disagree with Johnny, you are pretty much lost-according to him.

    (The Church of Christ in the community has quadrupled ) This was a flat out lie by Johnny —-he has lost quite a few people including Jason-former church of Chrsit preacher. I think he said this so when his “bosses” in Texas and other places see this debate, they will think things are headed upwards and doing great, when is fact, people are waking up that go to his church. The preaching school …oops I mean “training program” isnt doing as great as he lets on either. Ask him to show on air the original people who had their picture taken and compare that to who is in the training program now. Trust me, the truth will be sent to the right places in Texas and abroad.

  2. Did you see how much Johnny loved it when it looked like Armando’s associate might join him? ”This is what we love – two against one!” I guarantee we’re going to have to hear about that for weeks to come.

    All Johnny is doing here is trying to do as Jason done. Johnny will ride this pony for everything its worth. He would love nothing more to boast about having defeated two men. Johnny, I thought you would have done much better than you did. I even sent emails to people stating you would win this debate–so far, I was dead wrong. Armando won last night and you appeared very weak. I think you have meant your match. You should have let Norm do this, he is a bit faster on the comebacks.

    Nathan, you are right, people at his church may have been told to not call last night, fearing it could cause Armando to leave. Johnny told me himself that when he debated A.C. Smith, that the first night he went easy on him, so he would come back. And when Jason debated Jeff Black, I was told many times to lay back and not run Jeff off with too much information.

  3. Thank you very much. I do want you to know Johnny was kind to me and i did not feel bad at any time . It is awesome to know that johnny to me is a novice. His arguments are not strong not at all. Of course God can do what God wants but, at the same time God cant do anything when there is unbelief as i was trying to stress. As for Persons i understand your disagreement but, bible is bible. Jesus is the only person in the Godhead. God the Father and the HOly Ghost are One. for example God is a Spirit and there is only One Spirit and God is Holy that makes God the Holy Spirit — One Spirit Jesus is that One God. God was manifested in flesh (Itimothy 3:16) see v. 15 for further confirmation that God is the subject of verse 16. (John 1:1 v. 14) Literally, the Word (God) was tabernacled or tented in flesh. When did God tabernacle or robe Himself made evident, displaayed, or shown in flesh.
    And i do want to say i prayed for it to be nice and warm and sunny and my God did Answer my prayer. Now, i know this seems small but, you see today it is sunny and nice. I Love my God for Answering my prayer.

    Again, i did not feel intimidated and i did not feel he had a strong answer with the exception he does not believe in God. Which means like i said Johnny has an unbelief attitude and God cant and will not move for people who does not believe. As for everything else, I feel good that it went real well and that i think if i held a revivale here there would be a move of God and powerful demonstration. I know Johnny challenges for a true blue miracle but, like i mentioned i dont need to prove anything. It would be nice to see my God move. I think i am trying to prove my point which means i am trying to get the people to at least see in the scripture God can bring miracles signs and wonders. The sign of it not rainning really touches all the Los Angeles Saints because they heard me pray for sun, They all were touched. But, tonights debate ONE GOD. I will bring strong points which can not be denyed for anyone.

    Pastor DeLoa

  4. It is true, as you said last night, that there is no concise, clear teaching of the Trinity in the New Testament or Old Testament. However, by such reasoning, there is also no clear teaching regarding smoking or illicit drug use. Yet, by examining Scripture in its greater context, it is clear that our body is the temple of God (1 Cor. 6:19) and Paul urges us to purify ourselves from things which contaminate the body (2 Cor. 7:1). You pointed this out last night.

    Similarly, by examining the sum of Scripture in immediate and greater context, it is clear that God is triune. He is one God, eternally existent in three divine persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  5. I would have to agree with Pastor DeLoa in saying that “the Holy Ghost and God are not persons”. There is no scripture to back up the theory that they’re People or Persons.
    If Johnny thinks he’s gonna make a good comeback I would have to say he’s met his match.

  6. Ricky,

    Greetings from California! We’re glad to have you join our little blog. The best thing about this blog is that we don’t tell people that they are condemned to hell for having a different viewpoint on things – God is the judge, not us. 1 Corinthians 4:4 says, “For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but he that judgeth me is the Lord.”

    Did you read the link I provided? It gives some pretty good arguments that God and the Holy Spirit are also persons.

    Here’s another link filled with Scripture passages that detail that the Holy Spirit is a person:

    Are you in California? From Armando’s church, I’d guess? Well, again, welcome!

  7. God is a Spirit (John 4:24) you can not give any teaching that God is a person that is a false teaching given by the Catholic church. If you have One God that exist in 3 divine persons now you have a dilema . You have 4 gods and that my friend is against God. Now, i have not read your argument but, i am sure you cant find the word trinity. The concept is not in the bible. So, many want to try with all their hearts 3 divine personalities of One God my God is not crazy . He is ONE no where do you see three. If you want to debate this we can because you wont find it. God is ONE and his name is Jesus.

  8. Well Glory this is Pastor Deloas assistant pastor and I accomponied him to north carolina. We have been having a blast since we have been here doing a great work of god. The lord has done several healings While we were here. One of them was done yesterday by a women named Pam, We say her name because she gave us the permission to use her name. Not like jhonny who secretly video tapes people and cuts the tape up and reveals pieces of the words but not the whole conversation or explanation to see what they were saying or talking about. Pam was one of the people who met us at kfc and she had a back pain ,taking medication for it. The Next day when she woke up she gave us a call that she was feeling no pain and felt so much better. She also mentioned that she did not have to take her pain medication. There was another young men from a church that came out of his wheel chair took steps that he never took before. As the pastor seen that he wept and cried and said this is a miracle!!! We have that on video and we will not show it on air because we do not have his permission to put his face or that incident on television. We respect peoples reputation and wishes. But we have had a great response from the community. We have walked in resturants and they have recognized and said “We are so happy that you are standing against him keep up the good work.” This is the community and there heart. Praise god for all the new freinds and 3 churches we have met one my pastor preached a awesome message that god still does miracles. There were many people that pastor talked and revealed there pain and that god knows about it he gave them some direction and spoke his word and tears began to stream down there eyes. This is what the lord is doing . Now a miracle is instantaneous on the spot. Healing is a process of faith . Now faith is a substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. When pam woke up her back was healed. 1 cor 12: the nine gifts seperates one gift called the gifts of healing and another on a working of miracles. there definitions are different and so is there operation they are not the same.

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