Good Series of Posts about Faith + Works = Error

There might be some dissension in the ranks here about what Johnny Robertson and company teach regarding the place of Baptism in the salvation experience, but I thought it would be useful to post the following links:

The moderator of the blog “Reformation Nation” and I disagree on many, many things, but he did a good job with these five articles.  Thoughts? 


7 thoughts on “Good Series of Posts about Faith + Works = Error

  1. I can tell you, I use to think the church of Christ taught baptism was a work that merits salvation, but after studying this with these guys, they do not teach it as something of merit, but of faith. Honestly, I think repenting is a work, but again, it’s faith based and does not merit salvation, and baptism is the most passive act of all, seeng one simply submits to it. Repentance is the hard one to DO.

    Is faith alone??

    When Peter preached the first Gospel sermon-when did they show faith in what Peter preached? They had faith before their question to Peter and after their question. Were they saved by faith alone before asking Peter “what shall we DO”. After doing as Peter commanded-were they saved by faith or works?

  2. The trickiest part about a study of the churches of Christ is realizing that there is no mantra, no contitution, no bylaws, nothing that concretely binds them together in uniformity. A church of Christ in Virginia, while displaying a church of Christ sign, may have a vastly different set of theological princples as a church of Christ in South Africa.

    Plus, as a member of a church of Christ, I’m not about to place ultra-conservative tele-evangelists as my spokesperson. I don’t know the guys you’re referencing. But, it’s a little misleading to state, “there’s dissension in the ranks” when there are neither ranks, nor any governing authority which has given authority to Mr. Robertson.

  3. Hi Philip,

    Welcome to the blog. I think you misread me, though. I said “There might be some dissension in the ranks here about what Johnny Robertson and company teach regarding the place of Baptism in the salvation experience.”

    By “here”, I meant at this blog. The reason we put the subheader at the top of the blog was to show that we are answering the specific teachings of Johnny Robertson, Norm Fields and James Oldfield. We’ve had folks who are also “church of Christ” come over and talk with us, and we’ve welcomed their participation.

    We welcome yours, too!

  4. Thanks for picking up this piece, Nathan. I spent quite a bit of time putting it together and surprisingly, not one person has challenged it yet.

    Which reminds me . . . where have you been? I haven’t seen you at lately. It’s just not the same without you. :o)
    Hope all is well. Have a Merry Christmas.

    – The Pilgrim

  5. Here’s a vital question to me, Jeff. And this is asked before I’ve had a chance to read through the material you’ve provided:

    If I am a baptized believer, but I was not baptized believing that I am “saved because of the work of baptism”, am I saved?

  6. Most all churches of Christ will say your baptism is invalid if you werent baptized to be saved “saved because of the work of baptism”. Here they will point out that repentance in Acts 2:38 is also a work one must do to be saved. They dont teach these are works of merit, but works of faith, even baptism. But the guys here and many abroad will say you must have the “understanding” that baptism is where you are forgiven or as some will say “contact the blood”. And if you didnt know this, they say your baptism is invalid-in other words your understanding of baptism controls Gods saving power. I disagree with them on this. Even if Gid does save at this point, if one believes and is baptized he shall be saved. Mark: 16:16. And another verse they often use Col. 2:12 it states that it’s God at work during baptism, man merely submits to the water, even if he doesnt understand the doctrine of baptism perfectly, God still would act upon a faithful heart.

    I ask James and Jason once, what if I told someone the gospel as Peter and they repented abd were baptized were they saved…the answer has to be yes….but then I ask what if the same person were to go to another place of worship…….the only reply was that nobody could be baptized for the right reasons and end up in the wrong place. They see the holes in thier view of Acts 2:38 but will not admit it.

    Where is Jason anyways??

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