Prelude to the Debate – Revisiting the Museum Controversy

The prelude to the debate was pretty dull.  Johnny’s relationship with Bob Lawson and Charles Roark is pretty uninteresting (although they all seem to enjoy milking it), and doesn’t have much at all to do with “What the Bible Says”.  

Tonight’s episode was all about his confrontation with the Virginia Natural History Museum.  You can go over to Johnny’s blog to see more about that:


Believe it or not, I agree with Johnny’s critique of evolution, do think that the museum should allow for discussion, and I appreciate his desire to get a balanced message out from the museum.   I also agree that the Museum made a mistake by making a big deal out of Johnny and his company being there.  The best thing would have been for them to suck it up and let them come in and film their field trip.  And why won’t they send over an evolutionary expert to debate Johnny’s creation expert?  

But, I’d like to make three observations:

1)  The funny thing is that this is the response that Johnny gets no matter where they go.  It brings to mind a question – do they ever visit a place and NOT get kicked out?

2) If I saw Johnny Robertson come in with a camera, I’d agree with Bob Lawson that Johnny’s coming means “there’s gonna be trouble”, whether his reason for being there is legitimate or not.


3)  This happens to them so often, that it is obvious that they LOVE it when it does.  I suppose it makes better TV then if they were welcomed in with open arms.  However, what happened a week or two ago at the Baptist church goes to show you what happens if you welcome him in!  Remember the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?  




Tomorrow night!


The Doctrine of Johnny Robertson


The Doctrine of Armando DeLoa


Round One!





One thought on “Prelude to the Debate – Revisiting the Museum Controversy

  1. Pretty boring show last night–wasnt much to do with the bible. The focus was Bob Lawson.

    I have noticed the past two shows that Johnny no longer calls the “Preaching School” a preaching school, but now calls it their training program. Keep in mind that many churches of Christ do not believe in funding preaching schools and things…you do the math.

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