James Oldfield – A Word from the Lord – December 6, 2007

Last week, Norm was going after Jonathan Falwell.

This week, James was going after John Hagee.

Next week, Johnny’s going after some unnamed Pentecostal preacher from Los Angeles.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say our good CofC men have run out of ways to go after local religious leaders, and so they have to go outside of the community to find folks to criticize!

And speaking of going outside the community, it’s interesting that they refuse to give out the name of this mystery guest who is coming to debate Johnny next week. Are they worried that some concerned blogger citizen might contact this person to warn them about what they are getting themselves into? To tell them that they, like Jeff Black last fall, will be walking into an ambush?

Darn straight this concerned citizen would contact them – just like this concerned citizen contacted Jeff Black to give him the scoop about these men and their tactics before the Presbyterian debate.

But, I figure they won’t have the courage to let us fill their mystery guest in on who they are and what they like to do to their guests – that they aren’t looking to have a nice, friendly discussion – but rather, they are looking to tear their opponent apart. So, I expect we won’t hear anything about this mystery guest until it’s too late, and he’s walked into the lion’s den.

Well, never fear, good citizens! We will still be here after the debate to pick up the pieces; to expose our good television hosts’ methods of ambush; to discuss the issues they debate; and to leap over buildings in a single bound!

Of course, now that we’ve put this on the blog, we’re likely to see the name of our mystery guest pop up mysteriously somewhere…


…more to come… after a super night’s sleep…


One thought on “James Oldfield – A Word from the Lord – December 6, 2007

  1. To all those that are concerned, Let me explain. I have debated this group for several months and so far they have not been able to stand. I had a young man from Tennese (i believe how that is spelled) and he made some threats i even invited him personally to bring poison to spike my drink without me knowing he hasnt taken my offer, I am not afraid my God is in control. I know it seems like i am walking into a lions den but, daniel sat among the lions. The reason i am coming is because the Lord spoke to me to come. I prayed and fasted but, i feel that its time to reveal the doctrines of devils. I understand how they think, as a martial artist i deal in a strategy situations all the time. we are excited to debate these guys not because were coming in an arrogant spirit but, a spirit of love and peace . We forget if we have truth, truth will prevail. They have doctrines that are not biblical and it won’t stand. Again, if anyone would like to talk to me i am open for the next 2 days. Thurs. is the beginng of the debate, although i think Johnny is trying to set me up. I am excited because my LORD knows All things. I dont worry, i have the power of God and His anointing. If God is going to do a miracle i will see the hand of God. If not than i am not afraid like the 3 hebrew boys. I Stand to fight for what is right as Goliath speaks his swelling words . I will fling the spiritual rock and i will be standing in the end. I have walked in to Jehova witnesses churches and Spoke by the Spirit of the Lord and prophesied them to shut down and God moved. I have sat with mormons who could not stand what i said and they literally fell of their bikes. We are going to them in the Name of the Lord but, Mr. Robetson and his group don’t even know the Name of the Lord. Gentle men I am of the apostles Doctrine you will see the operations of the gifts i dont have to prove anything to these men God is with me. I know they twist the scripture but, my God is in control of the twisted doctrine they serve. So, men just to let you know i come in the Power, Authority, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. if you want to visit me while i am there you can if you need prayer for the sick bring them. I have prayed and God has healed the short leg (lame men). Much more.

    Call me if you have any questions 562-607-6815 i am there thurs -Mon

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