What Does the Bible Say? December 5, 2007 – Johnny Robertson’s Broadcast

Here's JohnnyJohnny? Where are you?

Tonight we had another repeat. This time, it was a video recording of a meeting that Johnny was hosting at some point – I assume it was one of their tent meetings. I’m not really sure what the point was, as they ran out of time before Johnny could make his conclusion, and so his whole argument fell flat. They love to edit their little denominational preacher videos, so I’m surprised they couldn’t edit this one down to fit in the time constraints of their program.

But, teaching is teaching, even if it isn’t live, and so let’s take a look at what Johnny was talking about tonight.

It seems like his main point was dealing with a person with whom he had been having an online conversation (edit: it turns out that this person Johnny quoted was none other than our very own Randy!  That proves that Johnny has been looking at our blog.  Why won’t he contribute?).  This person had written with two basic questions (my wording):

1) Show me the Scripture that tells you to take the Lord’s Supper each first day of the week.

2) Show me where we are commanded to do so.

Now, Johnny could have answered this quickly, but instead he chose to go all around the block to try and get to his conclusion. The result was that his conclusion was cut off from the broadcast. If he wants to come onto this blog and explain where he was going to end up, that would be greatly appreciated.

So, he said that his job was to help people to believe what they already knew to be true.

To illustrate this, he used three Scripture passages:

Ex 30:8 – where Aaron uses incense in worship.

Numbers 8:5-7 – Where Moses sprinkled folks to make them clean.

Psalms 150 – that David used musical instruments in worship.

Then, he made the point that we don’t believe these things now (which isn’t accurate when you are broadcasting to the community. Some folks will use incense, others will sprinkle, others use musical instruments) and that while the NT doesn’t tell us to do these things, it doesn’t tell us not to. So why not?

Now, I’ll just say here that we’ve discussed the whole musical instruments in worship idea here quite a bit. The argument Johnny makes is not as cut and dry as he’d like to think it was. Just check our archives.

Then Johnny went into Baptism a bit more, and finally brought it around to the actual subject at hand – the Lord’s Supper.

Let me just say this, to answer the original questions:

1) The Scripture doesn’t say that we are to take the Lord’s Supper the first day of the week. Scroll down this blog to the entry entitled, “The Lord’s Supper” to read the thoughts by a Church of Christ gospel preacher.

2) There is no command that tells us to take the Lord’s Supper the first day of the week.

Sola Dei Gloria,



3 thoughts on “What Does the Bible Say? December 5, 2007 – Johnny Robertson’s Broadcast

  1. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You shouldn’t have caused Jason to leave, he could have done much better last night with my email. I wont say much about the email , seeing you only used a wee bit of what we discussed, but you ran around the topic at hand the entire show– building a climax to which people were thinking that you might have some answer. You danced back and forth from subject to subject, attempting to tie them together. You were going to baptism and then back to the Lords supper and then to the fruit of the vine being symbolic of the blood—all to try and convince people that one must then have the Lords supper each and every Sunday. You failed miserably to show any such command, just as you couldn’t in our emails. I almost felt sorry for you as you attempted to make a connection to Sunday, using the blood and baptism as your base point. For starters, His blood wasn’t shed on Sunday Johnny, so that was a waste of time to try and make that connection. I ask you in the email to show me where God commanded this to be each and every Sunday, you didn’t then and you didn’t last night. You even used some Old Testament passages regarding “silence of scriptures” to somehow make a connection—again failed miserably. The silence of scriptures have nothing at all to do with the email. Why don’t you go to passages in the Old Testament that state the woman will have to suffer in child labor—this would mean ( by your hermeneutic ) that she can not have any medicine or anything at all that would prevent the suffering in child labor. Also, God said be fruitful and multiply—which means no woman should be on any type of birth control per your hermeneutic. There isn’t much more to say about last night—-you really never made your point.

    Btw, you grossly misrepresented me on the subject of music, stating that since I played an instrument I wanted to go back to that. If you read my emails …and the blog also states—I like “singing only” better that with music. Johnny, I haven’t played the drums in any church since I was a teenager…..you’re a hoot sometimes. You really lost a good one when Jason left-he could have done much better last night and wouldn’t have rambled on the entire time as if he was going to answer the question….you could have answered it and made other points, rather than running in circles for an hour.

  2. I wondered if that was you they were discussing, Randy. How funny, this way Johnny has to respond to what we are doing. It could be simple – he could join us in our discussions, and puts forward his point in a straightforward way. It doesn’t take long to sit down and type in a point or two. Instead, he reaches into his video archives and pulls out this tape of a tent meeting from who knows when, and I don’t know – thinks he’s sending you a message of some sort?

    I’m not sure what that was all about. But again, his points were easy enough to discuss, and we’ve already given counter-arguments to his arguments.

  3. I don’t think many people will reply to this. Johnny sections on this blog have taken the less replies of all–not sure why. My guess is most people dont know him, and those who do know Johnny, probably see through his games and things and dont feel a need to reply.

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