Where are the local Church of Christ Folks?

I have been enjoying hosting this blog over the past week or so, and appreciate those who have visited and contributed to the conversation.  My only disappointment is that the conversation has been strangely one-sided.

Now, if I was paranoid, I might think that Norm Fields, James Oldfield and Johnny Robertson (who do know about this blog as I’ve sent Norm the link) decided to not participate in our conversations, and told folks in their assemblies not to as well.  If this is true, it’s pretty ironic considering that they spent quite a bit of time on their broadcasts lambasting local church leaders for not participating in discussions on their broadcasts.

I guess it’s a turf issue, and they don’t like our turf, although I think it’s a pretty open place, where I (and Randy and others) are happy to engage them.

So, if you are from one of the local NC/VA Churches of Christ, and you’ve been told not to come and participate, ask yourself why?  We’re nice here, and we’re looking to be God-honoring Christ-followers, too.

A dialogue is much more enjoyable when it’s coming from two sides, but regardless, we plan to be here for a while.

Sola Dei Gloria!



2 thoughts on “Where are the local Church of Christ Folks?

  1. Nathan, I would be very surprised if people were instructed to stay away. I would suggest these more viable reasons why locals aren’t tuning in to your blog:

    *Many churches of Christ (especially in rural settings) are made up of mostly elderly people who likely do not have internet access.

    *The more legalistic the mindset, the less likely to be interested in dialogue.

    *It is likely that these leaders have not passed along your blog address to their listeners / members.

    *If these men are “lambasting” religious leaders in the community, then likely they have no interest in any dialogue except if you want to express repentance and conversion. Otherwise, what is there to talk about?

    None of these are ‘insider info’ as I do not know them. If your characterization of them is not accurate, then my response will not be.

    Here’s a suggestion: Why don’t you write a letter to the editor of the local paper inviting the community to join you in a discussion of the program?

    I think it would be very interesting if those three men would discuss with you their positions.


  2. Hey John,

    Yeah, that’s why I mentioned the paranoia aspect. I know that Norm Fields is pretty fair about showing sites that are extremely antagonistic, and so he really wouldn’t have any reason to not give out our site. Actually, maybe the reason that he hasn’t is because we aren’t being antagonistic enough to make it worth their while!

    Well, no plans to crank it up there, and so we’ll have to hope that dialogue will come for the sake of dialogue.

    Still, it would be more fun if both sides were represented here!


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